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[AL] Octagon Dance

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First off, Happy birthday Mechabloby! This one's for you ^^, you're such an awesome friend and a pleasure to know you, you're one of a kind man.

About this song, originally "Unsquare Dance" by Dave Brubeck. An epic Jazz musician and a great inspiration. I thought instead of keeping it at the original time signature (7/8) and tempo the same all the way through. I thought I'd challenge myself. I did a lot more messing around with this than "what you gonna do". This was actually quite a pain at times heh, but I'm glad I did it. I added a piano solo I had in one of my previous songs. I was suprised it actually went so well to be honest.

Warning, this is not Drum&Bass, but this is the closest genre that fits =P. I love the Amen Break. . .

A special thanks to AloysiusRexford, for making "The Black Monster", Like seriously man, that song inspired me to do this. Your use of the Amen break and your sampling ablility is shockingly good, and it's something that makes me glad that I listen and make IDM. Thanks a bunch.
Listen here: http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/168572

I love the Amen Break, THANK YOU WINSTONS! YOU GUYS RAWK! :D :D :D

Samples used:
Dave Brubeck : Unsquare Dance
Judge Judy
Johan from the Dustrats <3.

HQ Version available at: http://www.last.fm/music/

Enjoy and stuff.
-Anwar Louis.

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Amazing. I love it.

I've been lurking your music for some time now, and I've finally decided to review one of your songs.

Where to start, the intro... It's so unique that words can't really describe how it makes me feel inside. It certainly fits your style, as far as I can see, and it sounds great.

When the piano comes in, it makes me want to do one of those small, slow head bobs... Like you would if you were listening to Jazz music. (Which I guess resembles this song a lot).

From 1:30 - 2:00, I think the claps were either too loud, or unneeded. Everything else, although.. Sounded amazing.

I loved the climax of the song, as it got calm, started building back up, and then went into a spasm of drums... This part also sounded very good, sort of reminded me of Venetian Snares.

The judge judy part was okay, but I certainly lost interest in continuing onto the end because it lacked the presence of the music I crave.

All in all, my review sucks and your song is very good (: 9/10 5/5

ChampionAnwar responds:

Why thank you! :D

I guess my piano playing skills come in handy, glad you decided to give my songs a review and that you'd compare me to Aaron Funk :D!!!!! ^_^

Hehehe Judge Judy is hit or miss, I guess for the fianl piano part I wanted something to make it sound like more than a granulised ending.

Oh and the claps were sampled, not much I could do about that ):

Thanks again X3


Hi, sorry it took so long to review this.

the intro is incredible, very well-done. Has sort of an Autechre feel and I love Autechre. Not digging the bass sounds, mainly because of the reverb. In my experience its pretty hard to get away with reverby basses.

At 2:25 I just feel like that's like the "climax" and I feel muuuuch more should be going on (my opinion of course). Listen to Aphex, Squarepusher, and Flashbulb and listen to the effects they use (flangering is an incredible effect for the amen). Not just with the Amen either. I was expecting a grungy hoover-synth or something, and generally more high-end stuff. :x that's the part where you go ALL OUT and fuck theory and cookie-cutter bs, you know? just like, slice chop beatmatch timestretch automating shit you've never thought of record yourself screaming into a mic and compress the fuck out of it etc. I dunno, that's the fun part :D. Not trying to tell you how to build your song or anything, just throwing that out there really.

Lucid Bass II by The Flashbulb has some pretty neat phase/flanger effects right of the bat, listen to that song for some ideas to apply to your amen. :>

Overall this is actually really awesomely arranged. Definitely isn't expected and challenging, which is what IDM artists should strive toward. Great job Anwar! :D

ChampionAnwar responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. Honestly the bass sound had reverb already, I had a like ~3% reverb on the whole thing when mixing it down to give it the 'in the hall performing' sound. . so I guess I'll have to fix that- though I'd have to agree, I've heard very little songs that work with a reverb'd bass.

Honestly, that's the maddest I've ever gone when it comes to IDM drums at that speed (230BPM off the top of my head). I listened to that tune, and this reminds me why Benn Jourdan is so amazing. I mean though I frequent people like Venetian Snares / Squarepusher / Aphex Twin a lot more, his stuff is epiclu awesome indeed ^^. I suppose I'm just not that aggressive when it comes to sequencing drums, but I'm getting there :D! Oh and I actually remember that theory. gooood times gooooooood times hehehehehehehehe. Also- basic slicing is the pure winner in this situation, no need for envoloping (just thought I'd add that) :D!

Oh and also, I'll let you do that recording stuff first. . .I just don't want it to sound like ear rape *Cough* making orange things XD!

Thanks for the awesome advice as always Ron, it's always good to hear your opinions and pointers. It always helps greatly. I'll be tuning in a lot more :D! Oh DbX ^______^

Wicked shit

I am liking it, I am liking it :D :D :D :D

ChampionAnwar responds:

Cheers dude! ^^

Very well made..

Tasteful fusion of jazz and break beat that isn't overly hectic (which is good imho). Great syncopation.This is what would happen if Squarepusher and Aphex twin had a child perhaps...haha great stuff man. Dialogue might be a little long at the end for my taste, but regardless keep up the great work...can't wait to hear more.

ChampionAnwar responds:

Thanks man, it's an honour to be compared to greats such as Aphex Twin and Squarepusher, They're huge inspirations when it comes to IDM. Even their ambient / Jazz stuff is amazing. Thank you, the amen break is just so flexible. . I'll be looking to play around with Take Five by Dave Brubck soon enough. .

Oh and yeah, 30 seconds after the audio finished can be considered to be a bit long, but it's Judge Judy. . I have a soft spot for her! XD

I'll be sure to turn more out! Thank you for the kind words! ^_^

... hmm

it came together quit nicely. the song had the boys in the studio dancing. that is a rare thing to see by the way, it defiantly is a dance song though house dance yes. the song is a second to none you dont find much anymore. after all the speakeasies closed down the house dance went too. if you can bring it back i bet youd make a lot of money. id evean be willing to give you a contract

good job
dragon stubios

ChampionAnwar responds:

I remember watching it for the first time, when my parents played it for me on vynal I thought they were clicking, and I thought unsquare dance was something to do with the time signature as I used to call music "square music" because they had 4 beats in a bar (fun fact). I do agree, this old style of IDM jungle has been lost and isn't to be seen much with the mainstream the way as it is at the moment.

I listen to a lot of Venetian Snares / Aphex Twin / Sqiarepusher / Shitmat, and they seem to have a new style of it. . Shitmat in-particular. i think they hold some of what was there before. I'm glad you think the way you do, it's very nice to know that people remember stuff like this.

Thank for your kind words. I hope I get a contract that would allow me to pursue my future prospects. Once again, thanks a lot. . Made my day that comment! :D

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Sep 24, 2010
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