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Give Me A Chance (INS Preview)

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Author Comments

EDIT (4:36 PM, 9/16/10): I should mention, when I say "unappreciative part of the community", I mean the massive multitude of zero bombers, not people who give constructive criticism or poor reviews based on their opinions, as long as they have a logical, non-malicious basis. Thought I was clear, but the first review pointed out that I was clearly not that clear.

For example. The angry, misanthropic musician who just hit 0 for some reason, probably because his music isn't high enough on the charts for him. Quit it.

Okay guys. I've /really/ been neglecting Newgrounds (mainly because it doesn't allow you to turn off the ability to download the song). So, here's a shortened demo preview of one of my album tracks.
I never post this stuff because honestly, I don't want it being released for free, or at least with the majority of the unappreciative part of the community here.

For those of you who ACTUALLY appreciate the fact that artists post their music up here FOR FREE, here a short, incomplete demo version (LOLOL LOOK I PULLED A CHRIS HENSON [iOneOfMany], HI CHRIS. YOU SHOULD FINISH MORE STUFF LOLOLOL) of an album track of mine called "Give Me A Chance". There's currently no vocals, but there will be. Enjoy. If people actually appreciate it, I might do this more often, otherwise, I'll continue posting my lame original demo work from years ago and all the stupid effortless remixes I do.

Title: Give Me A Chance (Instrumental Short Preview Demo)
Artist: Xayro Seversky
Version: Instrumental Beta #1
Genre: Hands-Up/Rock Fusion
BPM: 150

Rock Influences
Typical Hands-Up Progression
Chordal Lead
Hard Dance Bass
Driving Percussion
An Unfortunate Current Lack Of Vocals
The Quality-Approved New Xayro Seversky Styling That Is Rarely Posted On Newgrounds
Everything Nice

Composed and Produced by: Xayro Seversky

Please Become a fan of me on ReverbNation, and get exclusive streams of exclusive songs when you sign up for my mailing list (I probably won't ever use the mailing list). http://www.reverbnation.c om/xayroseversky

More stuff by Xayro Seversky (lol, me) at http://www.facebook.com/x ayroseversky and here at newgrounds. Also, I have a YouTube channel!


Very nice man

I give you a 9 for it (actually wanted to put 9.5 but it doesn't have .5's in here so meh). The song is good and i know its just a preview which is also only instrumental. The reason why i put 9 instead of 10 is because i think you've combined too many genre's in one, in this loop it has worked out well. But how it will work out in the full song remains to be seen.

My only recommendation would be to seperate the rock theme from the rest of the song as it could be used to make a song of its own. All in all it's very good, thank you for entertaining us (:

Xayro responds:

Don't underestimate me lol. One thing I can at least say I'm good at is mixing multiple genres nicely. Although, I'll be honest, I'm not sure how it'll work out in full quite yet, but I wouldn't release anything on an album I don't consider far above average for myself. Vocals, I'm still working out placement and whatnot. The rock-esque part is better for vocal placement than the eurodance drop. But, I won't disappoint in the future. I'm nearing completion with the album before the one this is one. So, keep updated. Thanks for the vote!

Oh wow. Its gives me the tingles.

Okay. This Preview. totally Did its job and made me want to buy your album. Once i gather enough money i shall buy.

This track sounds great!

Keep up the good work, sir!


Xayro responds:

Once it's finished XD. I'm competing for a record deal right now. Wish me luck! Or look up "Lullaby Of Love" by Xayro Seversky on YouTube, its the video by Extensive Records Sweden. Comment on that. I'll help make getting an album out quicker a reality XD

Regardless, I'm really glad you enjoyed it. Be warned. I don't do a lot of hard dance. I do A LOT of really soft stuff. But I started out with hard dance, and I'll never forget my original fanbase and my roots.

I'll keep up the work 'til the day I die, my good sir!


What do you want a honest review of a fake one so you will keep on posting your music!

Real artist are happy with every preview they get becouse then and only then you know how good your music is.

So next time don't write those comments!
And know here on newgrounds you have always fans!
(including me) Great music!

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Xayro responds:

I'm fine with any and all reviews. I'm talking about zero bombers in particular.

However, I don't /quite/ believe in your theory there. I know how my music should sound, because first and foremost, the music is for me. It's a way to vent, and to express myself. I usually don't take constructive reviews to heart unless they have a REALLY good point. I don't write music to impress the world, I write it to share with the world. If people don't like it, fine, but don't 0 bomb just because you don't like it. That's more or less what I meant. I'll clarify in the description.

Also, thanks for review and the 9!

Love Long and Prosper,
Xayro Seversky

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4.39 / 5.00

Sep 16, 2010
4:18 PM EDT
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1.5 MB
1 min 6 sec

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