Akumin Wolf - The Edge Behind

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Wear headphones . (It would be greatly appreciated, I can't compose music without headphones, because my parents sleep in the living room ..)

Listen to the entire song . (I know my music is strange, I know it makes you want to X out, but understand it's music all the same . It's very genuine. Give me time,
I am sure in a few months, I will become a great musician, when I actually spend days on a particular song .)

Full name . (The Edge Behind Me)

What is this about ? (It's about people .. They lie they are happy, and may seem like it all works out, but in the end you will be swallowed whole by your own ignorance, which is why we have crazy people . People lose themselves, because they can't confront anything ..)

This is an old song . (I would like to share it with everyone . Please don't complain about the beginning, those off key notes were 100% pureposely placed to give you that chaotic feeling .)

My music isn't really music . It's more of a story . (So, if you don't call this ''music'' don't vote it down, unless you see something that is horrendously placed, or obvious shitty rhythm, or screeching ear bleeding sounds . ^-^; maybe even an instrument I should've turned up, etc.)

Enjoy . (Because I really do wish to earn attention from as many people, as I can . ^-^ . So I can get my name out there, and somehow make an imprint of my music .)

- Akumin Wolf (Again, what genre is this ?)


The atmosphere reminds me a little of Dreamerion

Yet very different from anything else.
Your music is a gem in a sea of stone. You've just gained a fan!

Also, reading your Author Comments while listening, adds to the experience

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AphoticAthanasy responds:

My music is extremely different . I don't know what genre you can place me in .
I am one of those rare individuals who master sound, not genre . I have alot of songs you might like, so whenever you aren't busy . Feel free to browse my old songs that got me to where I am now .

Glad you are one of the few who enjoy my display aswell . I enjoy writing stories, and connecting my songs to not only sound, but to visuals, and poetry . Thankyou for such a lovely score . ^-^ ~ Cheers

Aphotic Athanasy}


It's quite amazing the imagination you have. I can really hear it in your songs. The only thing that disrupted the feel of the song was the kicks that start around 1:20. They seem... to loud or just not the right type of kick for the song. Thats the only thing bad about the song. It would be somewhat better also if the mp3s where a bit higher in quality.
Other then that keep your songs coming! Your doing great, especially in this type of style/genre

AphoticAthanasy responds:

Thanks, I am glad you enjoyed my song somewhat ^-^ . Will be uploading some later, my life is going downhill everyday, =P . So, I have to rest . Until then, ~Cheers


This a new genre and now 1 of my favorites. You should keep making songs like this. It's both unique and astoundingly beautiful This is definitely going on my favorites list. Don't let anyone stop you.

P.S. Headphones are kool.

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AphoticAthanasy responds:

Thankyou, I am glad you found something you like out of my songs . ^-^ . I make all kinds of stuff,
so be sure to check everyday, what I upload, I upload ALOT of songs . I love music ^-^ . Cheers~

- Akumin Wolf

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Sep 15, 2010
3:30 AM EDT
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