Akumin Wolf - The Crow

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Wear headphones . (It would be greatly appreciated, I can't compose music without headphones, because my parents sleep in the living room ..)

Listen to the entire song . (I know my music is strange, I know it makes you want to X out, but understand it's music all the same . It's very genuine, and right now I am only training . All of these songs are just mini songs I made to learn control ; depth ; tricks ; effect modifiers, etc . So give me time,
I am sure in a few months, I will be a great musician, when I actually spend days on a particular song .)

This is not just a bunch of sounds mixed together . (It's a story, a very obscure envision of a crow becoming a bird for awhile, but fails . You cannot become what you are not . Just because you are an evil emblem, and feed on dead carcasses, you will never become what you are not naturally intended to be . )

My music is not music, it's a story as such . (A world, painted by all kinds of sounds . Mixed with beautiful symphonies, I aim to please, and I work everyday, improving all my dull edges . Surely,
one day.. it all will pay off . I need everyone, like you to encourage me, give feeback, when one
composes, they aren't just composing for themselves, they compose within all of us . We are one,
as we are ourselves . We live, because of others . Our foundation of our lives, is made up vicariously .)

Enjoy . (Just give my music a chance, I bring music everyday, while I am training . Can't you guys just enjoy this extremely different music ? If you don't like this kind, check out my older music, such as Time Goes By, MilkyWay, Etc . If you don't want to call this music .. I know I can compose music, doesn't mean I have to prove to you guys, just because you don't understand that music isn't just music, it's expression .)

If you didn't understand the first time (Why I ended the epic part abruptly is because, (Read above) the
crow failed to become a bird, via trying to become what a crow should not . ^-^ .)

- Akumin Wolf



This music is very haunting, but not in a very disturbing way. In fact, it tends to capture the listener. The lilt of the notes only add to that. At least, when you only have pure sound and don't add the beat you did at the one minute mark. It just makes the sound a bit crowded.

And to break the monotony, try some simple notes, like with a piano or a guitar. It'll still have that haunting quality, because you achieve that with the tune itself rather than how it's played. And I must admit that while I hear the story, it's slightly obscure. But that's almost certainly a combination of how hard it is to tell a story with only music and that I am a visual person, no matter how much I love music on its own.

You're absolutely right: this isn't just a bunch of sounds put together. I can tell that this music that 'something more' that a lot of potential artists are hoping for in their music. And you don't need to prove anything to anyone who truly enjoys listening to music. Simply let it flow. I definitely Respect this piece.

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AphoticAthanasy responds:

Thankyou for such a lovely review . I appreciate this indefinately . You are absolutely right about the beginning, but crows are obscure, and dark . They are dark compared to alot of animals in this world,
so I purposely made it sound a bit mashy in the beginning, and then I threw in the third lead to kill the
mashy feeling . ^-^ . Thankyou . ^-^ These are the kind of reviews I REALLY, REALLY enjoy . I rate your review a 11/10 =P .

- Akumin Wolf (Will be uploading melodic music for now on, so expect ALOT of piano, panflutes, violins, etc. )

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