Come Red Tide

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Right, so this particular song took me an unusually long time to finish, as in like, a month and a half worth of work. It's a nearly 6 minute long epic prog rock sort of mashup with orchestrated elements, guitar solo wankery, and... well, the same old from me, basically.

Once again i've tried to push my mixing skills to their limit, with a VERY busy and complex mix in this one, probably my fullest mix to date, there is a TON of layering that took a lot of time in order to get to blend without sounding muddy, but the song seems to flow well with a rather nice acoustic/solo section near the beginning which i'm pretty fond of, and it has probably one of my most powerful and heavy climaxes to date. This is likely to going be the last really heavy song from me for a while as i'd like to experiment with some other styles in the coming weeks.

I had to chop down the quality a bit to get it on to newgrounds, so if you'd like the high quality versions please see this page on my site:
http://www.rottenbread.ne t/2010/09/come-red-tide/

Hope you guys enjoy it!


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first off great job man i really enjoyed this song, and i understand the volume thing i actually think the lower volume does this song more justice than people can see...well hear, you are a true musician hope i spelled that right, keep up the good work

Rottenbeard responds:

Hi MdubG,

Thanks for the great review. It's funny about the volume though. In reality, this song is actually mastered pretty loud. Listen to any album from before 1995 (that hasn't been re-mastered) and you'll see just how quiet they are compared to modern records (and my own music). These days everyone wants to crush the audio to make it as loud as possible, introducing tons of clipping distortion in the process that just sounds terrible on anything approaching decent speakers or headphones.

If people want to listen to your music at a higher volume, they have a volume control.. that's what it's there for!

Anyways, it's a pet peeve of mine, haha, but i'm glad that some people appreciate my refusal to crush audio :).


Solide work!!

It's very refreshing to hear some real stuff other than Fruit loop emulations :)
The vibe is awesome, the feeling is there, I really liked the song.

My only negative point is that the drum is a little low volume but it might be my metalhead tendencies to crank up the drum ;)

Keep up the great work pal!

Rottenbeard responds:

Thanks for the feedback satanicpotatoe. I'm glad you enjoyed it.



sounds good - if a tad low in volume - might wanna boost your levels up.. nice clean bass though :)

I found the drums to be too.. unfiltered.. I would have liked to see some nice chamber reverb on them - the kick I found just sorta sounded weak as a result.. it should be deep and resonant, giving feeling to the reflective nature of this piece.

Guitar I find could have been a bit clearer - your bass is great but it's drowning it out imo. Go take a gander at bad-man-inc's stuff - I tore his stuff to pieces until he finally tarted taking some of my advice to heart - now his mixing is stellar.

I realize you put a lot of work into this - but imo it still needs more work in the production department. Still sounds a bit muddy to me. Mixing is an art form, and can take years to perfect :)

aad if you're gonna listen to my music to make sure i'm not talking shit out my ass - don't listen to event horizon - I sitll have to fix the mastering on that one hehe..

but composition wise - pretty good for a sorta somber reflective song - pretty enjoyable - just fix up that mastering and you're good to go :)

and don't be bashing fl studio - I sitll use it - it's a great program - you just gotta know how to utilize it effectively :)


Rottenbeard responds:

Hi Shawn, thanks for taking the time to pick the piece a part!

Volume, i'm afraid, is not something i'm willing to compromise on, I realize there's a big split with people on this and it puts me in the minority here on NG, but I refuse to crush my audio to raise the perceived levels, it's just not worth the damage it does to the music. This song is as loud as I could make it without adding noticeable DR loss and clipping, which I can't stand. Music these days is TOO loud. The average levels of this song, are, IMO, where they should be for most rock songs and is in line with most well mastered albums by favorite groups of mine such as Pink Floyd or Porcupine Tree.

On the mix.. I agree this track is a bit muddy, i've been kind of zig zagging back and forth over time with my tracks, they started out lacking any low end, then i started adding too much low end to compensate, this song is probably my most balanced to date, but it is definitely on the darker side in terms of mix clarity, eventually I figure i'll find a happy medium, I need better monitors though because my current ones really don't represent the low end very accurately!

Also, to be clear, I have no problem with FL Studio, I used it for a long time and I think it's a great program, but you have to know the limits of the software you use, and FL Studio falls pretty short when it comes to facilitating the recording of live music as would be approached from a studio perspective. If you stick purely to the digital realm, you'll be hard pressed to find an easier to use or more complete package than FL Studio! But for me... well, once I went to Reaper.. I never looked back.

Thanks for taking the time to review and critique man!



Is Epic, finna try to get the group to do vocals on stuff like this, keep up the good wrk and i might be intrested in gettin u some good cash for personal beats.

Rottenbeard responds:

Hi Watley, thanks for the positive remarks, glad you liked it.



I am absolutely blown away by how beautiful this song is Kudos my fellow mammal

Rottenbeard responds:

Thanks man, i'm glad you enjoyed the track!


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