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What's up, Newgrounds? This is flight39, back already with another song. But this time it's not a collection of unfinished songs, it's an actual full-length dance song. I've spent weeks and weeks working on it and making numerous small revisions to it, and I think it may be my best song yet, as well as my most danceable.
But it's not what I think that matters, it's whether you like it or not. So if you see something I could improve on or fix, tell me about it. Or if you just want to let me know that it's good. That's appreciated too.
If you want to make a remix or use this song in something you make, don't bother to ask, just do it. That is, after all, what the Creative Commons license is for. All I ask is that you credit me.
Until later,

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Pretty cool

Well it's definitely an interesting mix. A lot of different synths and noises going on here, and they're all blended together very well. I can tell you put a lot of effort into this. The melodies you used are all pretty good, especially the high pitched part, I like that quite a bit. The song seems well put together to be honest, but nothing really stands out to me. I'm kinda out of the Trance stage I used to be in though, so maybe that's why it's all starting to sound the same to me. Fantastic blending on this piece though, flows very well. Keep up the good work.

flight39 responds:

Well, I know that I usually learn by making more generic stuff first and kind of getting a feel for the genre before going out and experimenting. So I hope to make more interesting stuff in the future.
Thanks for reviewing!

Well made and fun to listen to

Saw this in the Advertisement thread, so I thought I'd give it a go:
A lack of main theme (if this is such a case) never really bothered me.

However, I will say that this song shows lots of polish and professional talent, which is something that the trance/dance community on Newgrounds has a high deficiency of. I might listen to more of it around here if were as half-bad as this song.

The only critique I can really come up with is that when the piano part comes in the first time, the reverb and volume could be turned down a bit- It's a bit too muddy and remember, the higher notes are, the less help they'll need from the volume nob.

Still, this was really good and I have to hand it to you for doing a fantastic job, at least to my ears (I'm sure you can hear every mistake you made, but that's what it's like to be a music-maker, right?).

flight39 responds:

Thanks for the review! Yeah, I do notice that muddiness now. I'll try not to do that in future songs.
I can hear all the mistakes in most of my songs. It's maddening. Another thing that was more common a while ago is that I would make a song, think it was the most brilliant thing I'd ever made, and spend inordinate amounts of time promoting it on various websites; then come back three months later and realize that it actually really sucked.

Your best since "Keep on Going"

Now, I know keep on going isn't your favorite, but it is mine. So.
Anyway, This is great, I can see this being used in... Anything! This would be great in videos, for many different scenarios, and also for many different kinds of games, be they browser or XBOX 360.
I love when it goes to the pianistic parts, but your still able to keep up a very Tech-no feel throughout the entire song. One thing I would suggest is a main theme to the song, and if there was one, Sorry... I missed it.
I will say however, After listening I did listen to it again, as I wrote this review, and now I'm going to download it. Keep up the good work!

flight39 responds:

Thanks for the review! The synth loop starting at around 2:44 was supposed to be the main theme but I guess I didn't make that too clear.

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Sep 10, 2010
10:21 PM EDT
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