Open Up Your Mind (Hip Hop)

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Front Page! Thanks everyone so much for all the views! I never thought this song would make it, stay true, thanks for listening to our hip hop!

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Open up your mind, let the rhythm decipher the rhyme. Each and every memory tells of a time frozen. So I remember everyday hopin to find truth in a moment.

The past is somethin I could never forget. Whether or not I was entirely concerned with bein lucid. I laugh when I take the time to sit and reminisce, cause I used to be afraid I had a life I couldn't deal with. Can you feel this? If ya hear what I'm sayin, you've probably been there, too. My problems began to control my freedom of bein able to move around in my own skin, my environment closed in. I didn't think I'd see another breathin human again. The essence of my chi was depleted within a second of seein that any lesson unheeded wasn't acceptable. I jumped up and saw my life through my spectacles. I had to rectify the wrongs I had experienced, and now I testify how strong the human spirit is. If I had given up when I was really low down, I never would have met all of the people that I know now.

Now I know, I'm a manifestion of all of my thoughts, my actions, interactions and attractions navigating sanity settlin into my zen, I enter in the zone to cultivate my gift again. I bow to my soul to determine how I'm gonna win the race to definin myself first, cause lyin to self hurts, I'm findin my self-worth as a diamond in hell's turf. The climate was well-worth the craft that it'd tempered in me, so my perception of heat could decrease and I could finally breath in the breeze. When it comes to bein free I feel like everyone should feed in the feast, or be allotted their share of the meals at least cause stealing to eat is a terrible thing to be. I'm peelin back the bandages to manage my manner of my speech whether I can or cannot achieve the feat of defeating disease. Gotta look to myself to discover all I could be.

Tomorrow, I'll be incorporated into my dreams. The silence that I've harbored'll be scarred as a part of me, now my eyes are finally open to a limitless artistry cause I've spoken what was tearin out my heart, see?
I was hidin behind my destiny not knowin it held the recipe to openin up the best of me as a human with a soul to overcome his greatest misery by givin into visions of envisioning flight, now I'm livin my life.


You're a terrible rapper

Well, actually you just sound really white haha.

But your lurix are absolutely fucking amazing, and so is your instrumental.

I still like it all the same, though. A message is about the content not the delivery after all.

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Shigimatsu responds:

Well, the person flowing is white, so that could be a big reason.

Thanks for the compliments, man.

*Thumbs up*

The production quality of this track is ace. I like it! (Sorry this isn't a good review, I'm doing homework and decided to drop a little something on it).

Good job! xD

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Shigimatsu responds:

Any review is helpful man, thanks a lot for your kind words. Keep listenin!

One of the best songs I've heard

I'm biased, since I actually know the guy who made this song. But regardless, this song, while the beat is different and some might rate it down based solely on that, his message is one that each of us can associate with. The flow is perfect. It matches the awkwardness of the beat without flaw. This is a great song. Easily on par with the great names of the hip-hop underground, like Aesop Rock, Atmosphere, Grieves, etc. Great song, homie. Keep this up.

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Shigimatsu responds:

Hey, thanks a lot! Tell everyone else!

We decided to go for a glitch-hop sort of feel, I hope it wasn't too awkward.

Awesome rap

Cool Lyrics and stuff, but the instrumental are some kind awkward. But the whole music is still good anyway

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Shigimatsu responds:

Thanks a lot man! I was definitely going for a glitch/hop feel.

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Hip Hop - Olskool
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