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[SpXer] Quick! (x5)

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Author Comments

This song is actually called "Quick! Quick! Quick! Quick! Quick!"

It's going back to the roots of simplicity, if you could call it that. Focussing on the things that I like, and not the things that I believe I should like. If you don't like "Quick! Quick! Quick! Quick! Quick!", then I still love you.

BUT IF YOU LOVE QUICK!QUICK!QUICK!QUICK!Q UICK! like I do, then give it a 5 because I love you too. Peace to you holms in the west,




Good menu tune

I think that there needs to be some work on the melody here, as when you get the two parts of the tune playing over one another, the notes just seem to clash and it gets a little ugly, but other than that, I can see that there's a good tune basis for this piece.

I'm not too sure about the ending to the piece, as it gets away from the feeling of being in the same place that the start and middle felt like. Those pieces of the tune all felt as if they belonged, but the ending sounded like a little random experimentation that probably shouldn't have made it past the editing, I'm sorry to say.

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Ae Aeyyy

Indeed this is quite a quick piece, the intro and some other parts reminds me of an old arcade shooter promo vid for some reason, the piece is interesting, the backrgound arpeggio is a nice touch, and gives it that "running" feel. one of the good points is that very little over powers anything else here, if you want to focus on a particular part you can, which is a bit rare. and as said by Gamekrazzy the choice of instruments isnt bad either. the breaks around the end are interesting, theyre off beat and kind of funk-like. and the snare really brings home the shooter feel.

the chords are a bit clashy though and some of the song gets lost around there as well. (0:35). but in overall this is not too bad ae, there are some of this i would put to use else where you know? But a major part of me likes it and the other is like "the coins still in the air". So, yea.
-Thanks for letting me review btw

spartacusxerox responds:

Thanks ZixaxiZ glad you enjoyed this. It does have a very arcade shooter-ey thing about it, doesn't it?

I just love the way you review as well. So clear and concise. Thanks for the review too! Have a great day



I thought it was good, but I dislike the clash and the minor chords in there. neat choice of instruments though. I don't want to hurt ur feelings here, but honestly it isn't ur best works, and I am not to thrilled of it, I love the beginning parts but not the chords middle and end. It's cool it's quick, but I... I just don't know. Simplicity is not u man. sorry. I would tell u to keep it up, but lol. 7.8/10

spartacusxerox responds:

Thanks gamekrazzy, you're the bomb. It will be sad being away for a while. But I'll return soon. Thanks for all your constructive input, you're really cool. Thanks muchly,


Over powering

You may want to reconsider your choice of instruments because your bass and leads were very loud and over whelming, the whole way through. You want to consider getting a sample pack for the drums cause the sounds weren't amazing.
Well good try and keep it up.


spartacusxerox responds:

Thanks FrameWork, yo da bomb. I appreciate that the bass and leads were very overwhelming, thanks. Thanks for your good feedback. I like how you know what you say...


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2.87 / 5.00

Sep 7, 2010
9:08 AM EDT
Video Game
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