Iron God: Sakupen Hell Yes RMX

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This is a warning: This song is not intended for the impatient listener! I designed this song around Sakupen's epic masterpiece music video (and winner of Robot Day 2010), "Titanomachina," so the progression is exactly in the same vein. The song was made to perfectly synchronize with the motions of the video...and it does. So, if this song seems to take "forever" to catch your attention, this is why, and there is nothing I can really do nor say to sway you. (I'm not apologizing, because the song accomplishes its task perfectly! >=D) I should also note that this is a remix of the song that Sakupen made for "Titanomachina" ("Hell Yes"), so I encourage you to listen to the original as well.

To my knowledge, this is one of the only drumstep songs on Newgrounds. While I was very nervous about putting this one up for free download (I'm trying to break out of the free music scene and finally start producing an album for those who are interested), I finally caved in and decided to allow it. I hope y'all enjoy! =D If you have any suggestions, just lemme know. Right now I'm working on getting that compression right, so if there's some incongruency in the sound, I will take your word into consideration.

In the mean time, enjoy one of my latest tracks!



EDIT: I TOTALLY forgot...please listen to this along WITH Sakupen's music video! The progression of the song only makes more sense if you do this! =D



i haven't even watched the fuckin' music video yet, i can't bring myself to tear away from this page. xD i love the progressiveness, theres nothing like a drop that comes after at least two mintutes of build up. ~a masterpiece, i must say. :3 getting outta the free music biz is a good idea, with tracks like this you could make millyuns. :'DDD i'd totally buy up if you released an album. anywho, keep going with this stuff, your a mastermind when it comes to it. american, or not. you still make fucking amazing music.

mr-jazzman responds:

Hey broski, thanks for the review! =D I recently released a new song on Youtube! Just look up "Jazzman Dubstep" and click on the Sleigh Bells remix! It's just the beginning of a new layer of awesomeness that should be coming in the next few months! Glad you loved it bro!

DUuuuuuuuuuuuuuude!!! XD

Hollly fucking shit.. This is good fucking shit man.. I jizz in men pents when I heard your music man. Respect man, nothing less to say then this :)

mr-jazzman responds:

Haha thanks! It's refreshing to hear your review, especially after someone told me my stuff sucks because I'm an American dubstep producer, and that "Americans don't get this style of music..." and that "LOTS of other people share [his] opinion." Well...perhaps...but I'm working on getting that UK ideal!

Yo bro,

What do you put on your bass to give it such a good resonating thud?

Or is it just simply a well mixed sine?

mr-jazzman responds:

I believe it was just a sine, yes. Can't remember, but I believe that's what it was. Lol I found out now it isn't even mixed that well; I've been working with levels lately, and my stuff has entered a whole new dimension of awesome. Thanks for being astute bud, and for noticing my bass! ;)

Truly awesome

as a piece solely on its own i truely enjoyed it...in fact i believe i listened to it 3 times before going to the next song. as for the sync with the video, this piece brings a whole level of excellence to an already "epic" video.
to sum things up...great work

mr-jazzman responds:

Thanks man! Still amazed as to why Sakupen didn't choose this one, but he'll regret it one day when I'm rich and famous! >D Haha jk. Thanks for the review man!


This does have the 'robotic' sound of other dubstep tracks, but I believe it manages to separate itself away from that sound by being a well polished track. Got it turned it up loud and I can hear the metal influences.

mr-jazzman responds:

Heck yes dude! Can't wait to get some Attack! Attack! dubstep influence in on some of my future tracks!

...Yes, Attack! Attack! has a track called "Lonely" that features some metalstep at the very end. It's sick as HELL!

Thanks for the review man, glad you liked it!

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