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cmb - bmf.2187 (rave meltdown)

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Author Comments

the death of the computer overseer brings life to the rave in one colossus mechanical eruption
and the hardcore techno rave dance dnb party never ends

electronic ergonomic embryonic telephonic lasertronic supersonic hydroponic sticky-chronic

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Not bad, but gets old quickly

It's OK, I like the sense of urgency.
I wasn't keen on the intro and I also felt it didn't really go anywhere.
I really liked the breakdown at 2-40. It seemed like the tune might get more interesting from there but it didn't really.
By the end of the tune I was bored to be honest.
Kinda reminded me of old Prodigy b-sides and stuff like "Wishdokta- Evil surrounds us". Maybe some decent samples would give it more personalilty...

<Review Request Club>

cheesemonkeybill responds:



I'll be completely honest with you, the first minute of the song sounded atrocious to me. I was thinking, oh fuck. Another bad song with random electronic noises that make no sense, AND THEN 1:00 came. WOW. What a breath of fresh fuckin air, from 1:00 on the song was totally enjoyable. I'm wearing a pair of nice stereo headphones, and when that noise in the background alternated between the left and right channel, I actually got chills.

Good work. If I were you, I'd scrap the first minute it just doesn't seem to make any sense at all, after that the song just gets amazing.

cheesemonkeybill responds:

haha good call.

those chills were actually me tea-bagging the back of your neck o.O i'm just that sneaky

Music Never tasted like this song

Let me just get straight to the review cause I loved this song a lot. It definitely comes into my top 5.

I like how the beginning it reminded me of a videogame challenge starting how you came in from the pixels dropping from the screen. Do you know what im talking about? Thats what it reminds me of a lot. And the drums part reminded me of a racing video game.

After a minute of the song it got a slightly different style to it with the soft type music sound. I was really enjoying that a lot. It got back into the same type of style when the song first started. The parts where the sounds were rising slowly and then dropped back down I thought were a little over used. And then when the song was coming to an end. It had a nice smooth finish.

Obviously if I like the song and its in probably my Top 5 favorite songs of course im going to add it into my favorites.

Beats - 10
Instrumental parts - 10
Creativity - 10
Style & other - 10
Overall - 10

//Review Request Club\\

cheesemonkeybill responds:

nice! definitely never expected anyone to like it that much, but i'm very much glad that my music finds fans :]


Don't listen to what julius33 wrote, this is fine drum and bass. This has a nice rhythm, cool dark sound and a none repetitive arrangement unlike some drum and bass songs.

Only a few issues I have with this is that it can be a bit more faster. The tempo you chose sounds like it's dragging, wanting to go faster but the tempo would not allow it. Average dnb tempo for DJing is 175bpm... so if it is slower than that you should try it out at that speed.

Also, I find the kick to have too much power in it. I had to turn my monitors down because it was punching through it hard. Lastly I think you should change the 4/4 kick rhythm in the last bit of this track... it just does not sound very good with the rest of the track and that made me think you rushed it at the end.

I usually don't listen to this type of dnb ( I listen to liquid funk ) , but you got a great track here for this genre. Keep at it.

- Review Request Club -

cheesemonkeybill responds:

thank you.

dont turn your monitors down,

bump that shiiiiiit!!


Have you actually heard Drum and Bass? (Apex, Unknown Error, Spor, Noisia whatever the artist) This is not Drum and Bass. This is a track with no content what so ever!
Next time please actually get some average drum samples, incorporate a bass, and maybe actually include something in the song other then beeping and some over-tempo beats.

2/10, 1/5 (cause i dont zero-bomb)

-Minor Light

cheesemonkeybill responds:

way to totally come off as a dick lol

no content what so ever? clearly you haven't heard some of my shorter tracks...

i listen to plenty of dnb, like ak1200, aphrodite, and dj starscream - maybe just not the same stuff you listen to. i wasn't trying to make a song that epitomizes the genre, in fact you'll find that a lot of my music is influenced by jungle, psytrance, ambient, and dub. i wasn't quite going for the kind of dnb your describing because, like always, i was going for something a little bit unconventional. i'm not claiming that this is the best example of dnb in the world, in fact it was really more of a practice for myself. i just wish more people on this website reviewed songs based on their content, not how well they conform to the genre they're under - i believe that musical evolution and originality both die with conformity.

aside from that, i understand that my samples suck, that's just part of having no money and submitting my music for free. and i used two different bass synths in this song as a matter of fact, i just didn't overdrive and whore the fuck out of them (this time). but i do believe that songs with this much effort put into them deserve higher than a 1 vote - after all, there's much, much worse stuff in the portal.

Credits & Info

3.40 / 5.00

Sep 5, 2010
11:36 PM EDT
Drum N Bass
File Info
7.5 MB
3 min 17 sec

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