Take me to your Heart

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A love story... If anyone has any love stories to tell please comment.

From my album "No Rush Hour"

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In love

My love is a girl i've known for quite a while... I was always a closed person, looking only to satisfy my needs and wants, never ever opening up to anyone... I knew this girl had a crush on me for quite a while but because i was afraid, mostly of myself, i couldn't do anything.... I was always a slave of my logic and its fears.... One night though, i put everything aside... I said, i like her and I will let go... I took a chance, and i've never been more in love in my life, so in love it hurts...
She is a very troubled girl.... So much in need for love... love I like to give her always and in anyway I can... But I said, she is troubled by many of her own matters.. But I love my blondie too much to let her go.... I know she feels the same.. She let go of me once to protect me from herself, luckily that turned out rather well since we are back together now....
The truth is that i live for her smile, I live for her laughter, I live for her to look at me deeply in the eyes and to tell me that she loves me... I simply love her....
These are my thoughts right now, while listening to this song... It makes me think of her, the two sides i experience of myself with her the 100% happy and the 100% miserable, but in so many ways alive...
i love her so much...

Beatiful theme

Two years ago, in the Internet, I met a girl in a webpage, that you can upload photos of anything. And well, our friendship began in febraury. And yes, I'm too young about the internet relationships. We were, like the best friends ever, or something, she was for me, like a "sister". Months later, I fell in love with her, because, she was too special for me, she was the reason that I wanna live in this world.

In the messenger, we talked for hours, everyday, talking of any topic, and may things. And well, in the 2010 in her birthday, I told her, that I love her so much. And well, you know what happended?....

She said "yes". And then, I have a wonderful life, we still talk in msn, but, I know how is her face, is 6 months young than me. In our relationship, we confront problems, our cities are a big mess. She took care of her parents, and I have a horrible family. But, you know what?....Someday, we gonna stay together, I love her so much, she's the reason that I live, the reason that I can smile.

Not kidding bro', I'm young, and I gonna meet her... (Sorry for my bad english)

I love this theme :")

Love's Life

A quiet woman around the special age of Twenty-eight, she dresses herself fashionably for the colder weather she is accustomed to. The personality of her warm giving heart is one of a beautiful, young, confident woman. She is the kind, gentle, and caring type of woman whom many of this world grow to cherish and love to a greater extent then our self. She is Love.

The life of Love is about as strange as a typical life tends to be. It isn't extravagant or too particularly dull, it is calm and patient. Love's life is simple. The daily routine Love goes through could possibly sound so boring that one might go mad, but not for her. You see, to Love her daily routine is with out stress or an uptight schedule, because there is a relaxed and loose way to her prompt and wisely spent time management. Love wakes up in the morning at Five o'clock on the dot; she takes a shower and makes her self breakfast: scrambled eggs with ketchup, a tall glass of orange juice, and toast. She then takes a taxi cab to her work, but stops one or two blocks away from her work place to save money, and to get a little exercise. Rarely did Love arrive to work late and never too early. After work she takes a taxi cab back to her apartment, after walking one or two blocks of course. At home, Love is greeted warmly by her cat everyday. Love has no boyfriend, no husband, and no fiancé; she doesn't keep in touch with her family as much as her parents wish she would, but her parents love Love anyway.

Sometimes Love would carry herself up on to the roof of her apartment building just to watch the stars twinkle and shine, like Love's beautiful eyes. Love had a fascination about these things, so bright and calming like the warm touch of a mother, but completely surrounded by the dark unknown of uncertainty. It isn't just the stars that share those qualities.

It was on this rare occasion that Love was late for work, that as she frantically called for a taxi a sort of gentlemen like man told his taxi cab driver to pull up to her, and so the driver did. The stranger stepped out of the taxi, after paying the driver, and generously gave up his taxi cab to Love. The Two exchanged kind words briefly and the stranger flirtatiously asked Love for her phone number, to which Love replied unmistakably yes. Soon after exchanging words, phone numbers, and forms of transportation Love had arrived at work; Love this time decided for the sake of time that she wouldn't walk the one or two blocks to her work place. At work it was business as usual for Love and she did a good days work, even after considering she had arrived a few minutes late. During her taxi cab ride home, she thought of the handsome stranger who had given up his taxi for her, someone he didn't even know, and how nice the man was. At home she was warmly greeted by her cat, whom Love swooped up in her arms happily. Love is happy.

Later that eventful evening, Love's phone rang out through her cozy apartment. It was the handsome stranger who had sacrificed his taxi for Love earlier that day calling. He spoke and love listened; Love listened to him tell this story of a beautiful woman standing on the curb impatiently signaling for a taxi cab, and he just felt compelled to help that beautiful woman. Love's cheeks blushed slightly at the man's story about that morning. Near to a half hour passed as they talked on the phone together , each of them flirting with one an other beyond what mere strangers do; the man, after mustering up his courage nervously asked Love out on a date, to which she unmistakably replied yes.

~there is more to this story but it would not fit

The moral of this story, if there even is a moral, is:
Love is simple
The only hard thing about love is finding it, realizing you have it, and not ever giving up on it.

~ this was in response of the author comment,"A love story... If anyone has any love stories to tell please comment."

And this is a truley great song.

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MarkySpark responds:

Thankyou for sharing that story, much appreciated.

It's remind me my sweetheart...

Every-time i hear this music i miss my sweetheart, Just like sir Zappy my sweetheart is in heaven. And i always cry when i hear this music while hugging my sweetheart picture. I always love you my sweetheart....

@sir Zappy: Take care always
@sir Maryk: Keep it up sir!!

Let me tell you a story...

I once knew this girl when i was about 15. She was simply the coolest girl alive. We were absolutley inseperable as friends, and unbreakable when we got together. She was a llittle shorter than me, with brown hair, green eyes, and the cutest laugh you can imagine. I had a rough life, but when she can into it, it was like none of the past mattered anymore. I used to be a hard person. Stone cold to the core. But she had the biggest warmest heart ever. For 3 years we were together, through thick and thin, we were never apart for even a day.

But, one day she was on her way to my house so we could go see a movie together. But i was already waiting at the movies for her. It was winter, and the highway and roads were slick with ice. She never saw the idiot who came out of nowhere, speeding and trying to get ahead. The accident put her in the hospital, and i got a phone call from them about it. I had never rushed anywhere quicker in my entire life.

When i got there, she was on the bed. She was cut up so bad, and had lost a lot of blood. She was on the brink of death, i could see it in her eyes. She told me to come close, and as i held her hands close to me, she asked me to do one last thing for her. She had asked me to come close enough for her to put her head on my chest, so she could hear my heartbeat. She had always fallen asleep on my chest, listening to my slow, strong heart beating. I just laughed a little through choked sobs. I could feel her getting farther and farther away, and i knew i only had moments left. I told her the only thing i ever had to tell her. "I love you baby. Please dont go. Stay here with me." But she just told me that everything was going to be ok, and that i just need to stay strong.

She died in that hospital, in my arms that day. Sometimes i wonder if it could have been different if i had been in the car with her, but the past is irreversible. It's true, the old saying, that people tend to rub off on you the more you spendtime with them. Since then, ive been a much kinder and more caring person. This song makes me think of her, because her exact words to me one day were "Take me to your heart. Let me fix it for you. Let me take away the pain and sorrow." And i let her.

Thank you for making this song. It's really nice to hear. I give it ten. Respect.

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MarkySpark responds:

I was so choked up reading your story, havent cried in ages. Thank you for sharing.

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