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The Three Kingdoms (Version 2)

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Author Comments

Expanded and adjusted in places. 128k bitrate.



hey man,i m not into classical music stuff but this song is good enough for me to review..the starting is abit 'lame'..but after the build up it was excellent..not a song i would hear everyday..mayb its juz isnt my type of song..but overrall it is good..Peace out
Keep up the good work dude

Diabolo-ical responds:

Thanks - another example of a nice realistic rating. 10 would be "Perfect", right? Nothing is perfect, most especially not my music!

Thanks dude.

Very lovely!

I really enjoyed this piece a great deal. I can understand some of the things Zeth said in his review, and so I'm not going to repeat them in this one. However you've made a great piece, which would probably require a more trained ear than the average person has to identify that it's not a real orchestra. I didn't particularly like the abrupt transition from the beginning with the choir to just the clarinet, but the rest of your transitions were done very well. I love a good timpani beat, and this kept the energy flowing lovely-like. Overall an excellent job, good job man.


Diabolo-ical responds:

Thanks a bunch :)

Personally I don't like the beginning at all - in fact, I have no idea why I didn't change it for this version. It just ended up crap because I was making it up as I went along, though that's what I was doing for the rest too...

Anyway, thanks again.

-Indepth, Constructive Critism-

The horn sounds like a full brass ensemble, which, it really is the wrong way of usage of it.

And the choir, sounds really digital, maybe because of the reverb, but it doesnt sound like normal choir sounds is supposed to.

The strings had a nice touch, and sounded a bit like Neverwinter Nights, if that was what you were trying to succeed, that is good.
I think the progression is the same.

The drums is really good(taiko?), and perhaps you should have used a bit more snare drumming.
You used some cymbals where there was no other drumming, which sounded quite "empty".

The flute/oboe thingy were really well created, and its either well thought out, or you just had luck, choose yourself.

The end is fading, but in a good way, so thats cool enough.

You are probably more talented than i am, but you still have some errors that needs correction.
I'm not an expert, nor advanced user in music, im a novice, a learning boy.

I tried to give constructive critism, which i hope you can live with :)


Diabolo-ical responds:

Hey, thanks. I'm glad you haven't lost an interest in my stuff :)

Your reviews are certainly the best, and I do accept constructive critisicm, though I usually never edit a song once it's complete. I know that's bad, since I only spend perhaps 20-30 mins on every song I make, and 99% of the time I make it up as I go - but that's just my style.

BTW - I'm glad you like it. I'm pleased with the high ratings. I listened to some of your newer compositions the other day, though I couldn't review them because there was a password bug (may have been something to do with my Avatar confirmation *shrugs*). I'll try to reply to ALL my reviewers more often, and I'll go review the songs of yours I listened to last night :)

This was good

I really enjoyed the first part the 2nd part was not my type of musc but It was still very good.

Good job you made a very good song you should be proud. Can't wait to hear more from you.


Diabolo-ical responds:

Thanks for the review, and another realistic rating :)

That was great!!

Wow, that was really good!! I liked how for every theme of the song there was a different instrument. My favorite was at the end with the flute. I love flutes in classical songs, especially when they sound so real (and when they sound so sad...). If only that part could have been longer. I don't know exactly know how you went from one instrument to the next so smoothly (Did you fade out one instrument then fade in the next?) The drumming was great also... very tense and epic-ish.

Only one suggestion, and that is to make the brass instrument kinda echo a bit after each note, instead of the abrubt ending after every note.

Well, great song. You make great songs, but I like your classical the best.... please make more of it!!!!

I am definately rating this a 5/5 and will definately download this. Amazing job!!

Diabolo-ical responds:

:O I'm glad you like it. Unfortunately I've been tied down by college work recently, so music-making isn't exactly my first priority :)

Anyway, thanks very much for this review and the high rating.

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Credits & Info

2.75 / 5.00

Nov 9, 2005
4:31 PM EST
File Info
2.8 MB
3 min 0 sec

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