That Party of Strangers

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You know when your with strangers of partys?


Thoughts of a Critic

Let me start by saying that this review is not so much based upon this particular track as it is on the collection of songs as a whole. If there is a more appropriate place for me to post this, I am unaware because I rarely browse Newgrounds.

Just as a side note: there is an identifiable, reoccurring theme that ties the songs together nicely, which is important for a distinguished artist. However, I believe there are some improvements that could be made- there's always room for improvement.

First of all, the lack of vocals will always limit you. Call it unfortunate, call it idiotic, but the most successful and most popular music today features vocals of some kind. We've come a long way from classical orchestras.

Moving on, the theme I mentioned happens to be a mixed blessing; while it can very well serve as a beacon of recognition for your handiwork, it can also grow wearisome over time. Most of the tracks begin similarly, feature nearly identical beats and breaks, and the synths have limited variation. Even within your brainchild genre, there is room for song variation. Take a break from the upbeat, fast-paced track and try a cruise.

The last major issue I've noticed is the "weight" of the synths; put simply, the music can be rather hard on the ears, as other reviewers have stated. It's obvious that you're aiming for music intended to be blasted, but high volumes of your material is borderline unbearable. I can't say with certainty if the problem is rooted in the number of synths and effects present or merely the levels of edge and distortion, but there's no ignoring it.

To briefly summarize, your efforts are interesting enough for a following, but there is work yet to be done, primarily in the form of vocals, variation, and some tidying up. Remember: the majority of people want something they can sing along to. Imagine two people talking about your music- one mentions a particular song he enjoyed, but he can't remember the title. How can he describe it? "It's the one with the synths and the buildup and chorus." From a casual listener's point of view, there's little in the ways of differentiating your songs from one another.

I hope this has been helpful in some way and hopefully beyond the obvious. I believe you have the beginnings of something worthy of acclaim, but there's still a critical path of transition to fulfill this potential.

Keep composing, keep posting, and keep trying.


This is really good. I think you should adjust the beginning, its not the greatest, otherwise everything else is very nicely done to work with each other. I really like the break at 3:00 and the way you modified the wasp? during rises.


Whole song's good, but the synths are to heavy. Change that and it will be on my download list! ;)

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Aug 28, 2010
9:43 PM EDT
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