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[CG] - Schism

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duhh duhhhh duhh duh da duhhh duhhhh ZRRRR ZRRRR ZRRR ZRR ZRR ZRR

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This seems less like a song to me, and more like a bunch of pieces that could be loops. Take 0:52 for example; the song completely changes and doesn't really go back. Don't get me wrong, it's still enjoyable to listen to, but if you took that segment and submitted it by itself, you'd have another very artful piece.

As a cohesive unit, I think you did capture a certain urgency. At 2:18, in the tiny drop, the break in action makes the beat hit much stronger a couple seconds later. At the three minute mark, I think you could have cut the song. The outro seems to take a little too long to wrap the song up. If you really were gearing this toward Madness, I think a better technique would be to have the music build up, explode, then fade off in just a few seconds.

The darkness in this piece makes it a pretty unique listen, and the thumping bass gives it a very addictive quality. I'm going to download this now.

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KroweMusic responds:

Thanks for the review and the download!


Well the intro was just awesome right off the bat, that bass line is sick. The strange noises after that all seemed to blend right in and sounded good alongside it. After that bit it got a bit silent and you added some really industrial sounding synth that I'm not a big fan of. The notes really didn't sound all that musical to me either. The background percussion is okay, but nothing really spectacular.

Eventually later in the song you picked up the drums a bit which was nice to hear right before the break. The piano really didn't seem all that touching, and you just added it in with the previous beat that I didn't really care for. The different warping effects sound great with it though. It was a relief to hear those.

Shortly after that the beat really took a turn for the better. When you dropped that bass line it was really refreshing to hear. The piano all the sudden seemed to fit, and the new synth line was great, and then it was over. The ending was different and kinda cool, at least you did something for it.

It would probably fit well with a madness submission as you requested, but it's nothing I'd really listen to on my iPod or anything. I'd say overall it's nothing fantastic, but it's not terrible either and probably better suited for a flash submission rather than just listening to it alone. Keep at it.

KroweMusic responds:

Yeah, this song was intended to be used in flash movies, even though it was never used in one :( I still like to listen to it every now and then just cause I think it's pretty awesome :P

Anyway, thanks for the review :)


The bass was a very nice way to open the song, and It gave an excellent contrast to the lead line, another great part, I loved the glitchy sound effects over the top.

The song got a little difficult for me after that, the distorted bass line was somewhat too extreme for me, and the lead line was a little lost under the all-encompassing waves of fuzz.

The bridge remedied things somewhat, as the brilliantly subtle lead piece worked very well on it's own, however I did find It rather hard to hear over the fuzz.

I forgave that somewhat from 2:40 on, that seems to be a trademark of your work, the cutting of the bass line worked very well for the song, and just made things a lot more interesting.

The ending seemed rather sudden for me, the song changed, and became very interesting, however I didn't really have time to listen to it, as the song just faded away from there.

Perfectly okay

~Review request club~

KroweMusic responds:

Sorry that you didn't like the distorted synth. The mastering could be better, though. I can't disagree with that.

Thanks for the review :)


The Distorted Bass line make me hard. Fantastical song. Keep it up

Very good

Loved the glitching, and the distorted bass part. Very good atmospheric background too, very good job man. Don't beat yourself up over the mastering, sounds great to me.

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Aug 28, 2010
5:29 PM EDT
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