Stormwind (WiP)

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reese sounds really good

like IZK said though, better high hats+drums are truly in need. Try distortiing/eqing and hipassing an amen break and then a soft bassy snare (quiet) on every 2nd 16th..

(DONT DO THE dance HHIHAT THING on every second 1/8th lol)

QuarraCrew responds:

lol dude i made this at 4:00 in the morning, and in a half hour xD

plus i had drunken 3 redbulls. so i didnt pay much attention to the mix lol.

Ah yes, another.

Let's start from the beginning.

One thing I just want to point out... I could have sworn I've heard this before... I might have discovered this a while back... can't.. remember though.

Oh well. Right. Intro!

Lovin' the ambiance at the beginning. As it swells into the next section, I felt as those cow-bell dealies could have use some reverb in the mix. It would have made it a bit more mysterious. When the reese begins its showcase, it was nicely put in there, but I'm thinking a bit of high-passing or something just to make it come as a bit of a surprise.

Reese modulation is nicely done. Love the patterns. They revolve around the drums very nicely, and work together quite nicely. (It's like drum+reese=melody! lol)

My deal is with the drums. I'm feeling that they could use a bit more punch to them. A sub kick for sure, and some highs for that snare to bring it out some more. Hats are good, but I'm thinking some acoustic-like samples would fit the kit a bit more.

As for the other misc. stuff that I hear:
Swells in the mix are greeeeaaaaaaat!

Square leads are nicely done. (Still feeling some reverb to be added.)

Stutterings from beginning to end always take it out of context and messes with your miiinnnddd :D A great job with that.

A great job for sure. Love the reese modulations as they follow the beat. All of the little nuances added to the track just take it to the next level. I haven't got much else to say except.... "When's the full version coming out? ;D" lol. Keep it up, yeah? I'll be lookin' out for you.



(P.S. If you have time, check out my latest wip.)

Pretty good.

Kick and snare are nice but i think the hats are a bit anoying.Maybe add some thicker percussion instead of them.The bass feel a bit too mid range but that's nothing a good sub can't improve.Also take it a little easier with the sidechaining when the second drum loop hits.
Hmm ok i turned the volume up a bit and noticed that there is a sub going on.Sorry !
( i guess i shouldn't review on shitty headphones ).Giving it a second thought some harder drums will sound alot better.Maybe add a sub kick and make the snare a bit shorter and add some distortion ( just a tiny bit ).Well that's about all i can say for now.Maybe if a give it a second listen on my speakers i'll write something more.Hope to see a newer version by then.
Cheers and keep up the great work !

8/10 5/5

PS.I listened to some of your other tracks and i really liked them :)
Some good neuro sound you are producing.I'd really appreciate if you could drop a review on my latest WIP.

the beat...

raped me!

QuarraCrew responds:

yeah it tends to do that. sorry.

not bad. too short.

well, still on it's developmental stages, not bad.

nice beat to it and it's fast paced tempo. i hope that if you make this longer, it should be better than this.

45 810 no slashes because i like it that way.

QuarraCrew responds:

thanks man, updated it now.

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Aug 27, 2010
2:52 AM EDT
Drum N Bass
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