'10 The Launch: News Broadcast

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Okay, so let me explain a few things about this piece.

If you aren't familiar with my older tracks. The Launch (2008) and The Launch Overture (2009), then let me quickly fill you in. The original track was meant to represent a shuttle mission to save the planet. Something sorta like Armageddon. The Overture was really just something to add to that. However, I thought it would be a good idea, to keep going with this.

That's where this track comes in. The idea I had for this was when the entire world gets that Government Broadcast delivering the Earths forthcoming destruction, and the little that we can do about it. I would place times on when I imagined parts to happen. But I'll let you all use your creative sides to do that in your mind.

Hope you enjoy it. :)

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ur right

this fits the description.
my version would be like:
the whole galaxy is in war with the Yhang,and they are winning this battle,friend,foe,everyone will be killed in the war...but now,now is the time for all of us to join forces,and to destroy those who want to ruin tis galaxy,it is time to take the fight to them,we will drive them out of our solar-systems

Nicely done!

Have to say brass is too loud at the near ending. otherwise, everything is great!


when i imagened it for my self i thought of Apollo thirteen you could not have gotten a better emotional responce from me i was so close to tears

Inspired me

I really like the flow and the feel of this track, worth a couple replays, but I do think that a choir would have brought a lot more character and feel to the music. I did find the music much more soothing if I closed my eyes and imagined the world drawing it's last breath. Here is a poem (soon to be a song) I wrote because of this song.

Families gathered in their homes, awaiting their fate
A man crying in the street, dirt on his face
Ashes fly, dust and cloud
The world's cries silent, the people's loud
All god's needed, an earth at pray
All men brothers, family in the wake
Rich or poor, every breath is drawn long
A world now united, soon to be gone
In a blink of an eye, there was a heavenly white flash
And then hell appeared, a planet turned to black
Not one left alive, no man woman or child
The world had ended, Ragnarok had transpired
And if the bombs hadn't dropped, what would have ensued?
The world would not have ended, because of me and all of you
None of us are innocent, but we're all in denial
We ended the world, or at least we soon will

Impending doom

I have to be honest. I didn't really like the beginning that much.. I don't know, it's too subtle I guess ;P Maybe if you had used some other instruments to contrast the strings :3

The part where I get really mushy is at 1:51, when everything quiets down a bit, and leads to this orgasmic explosion of strings at 2:12. Very nice!" :D

I would have been happy to hear a distant timpani in this :) A very quiet, and very soft timpani here and there would have contributed to the feeling of an impending doom. :D The only percussion I can hear in this was the one starting at 0:29.

Sure. Using too much percussion can bring the track in a completely new direction, but I would have liked a tad more ;)

But who am I to say what you should add and/or remove ;)

Given that you have made this for a specific scene, it becomes so much better! You can imagine how all of mankind falls in chock, and how everybody starts gathering with their families.. Just in case the worst happens..

You did a very nice job here Peter, I hope this review was helpful :)


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Aug 26, 2010
9:19 AM EDT
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