[SpXer] All-Nighter

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"He study all day, but sleep an all-nighter
Prefer an 8-hour, long quarter hour shower
Half hour prayer, and half hour Bible
But rather he'd just play sittin' all idle

Yeah but nah, let bygones be bygones, so try on
Keep it up, boy, c'mon, get your fight on
... Right on, man, right on ...

He study to build, aim for 6 hours a day
But he don't get paid, not yet, he ain't done yet
He listen to lecture after lecture and gets better
And listening to letters and letters that make words

Heard he really into his Word, but he lazy
Lazy boy writing through the day unphazy
But don't expect him to anytime to go crazy
On ya, plays he does with his time, suffice itbe a rhyme

Worshipping the Christ, Jesus is his saviour
He won't turn around and say, "Yo, holms, later!"
Creation's due, holy hue, invisiblue
Just a type of colour, worship can happen
Hallelujah Praise the Lord, save Mr. Chap'n'...
Gal, Mr. Pal, Mr. X who does Bowflex
To get pure abs, just the type of appeal
Immoral, bottle full, keep it that way, short meal

Just kiddin', you invention just like the wheel
I reel at guys who claim they more than what I feel
But I is he, as in I have a friend
What kind of liar or joker would try to means this end

No way to Machiavelli this one out, smelly
Sorry about it, I just filled up, like a belly
Try to drain the pride out the side, almost died
Defied nature, flesh soul creature
Too confusing, he trying to be all mature
With long words that he recently heard on the radio
Now this guy flow just ridiculous: faked ya
And this goes on til the end of the





This is ok

As the previous dude said this is a bit repetitive.
Other than that it's ok.

Definitely in need of those vocals.

I'm not going to lie, as this submission is now, it's very repetitive, and I did get bored listening to it, but I'll keep in mind that you're going to add vocals to it, and I'm sure that when you do it's going to sound excellent. This submission has a very nice sound to it, and even though it's repetitive, I'm sure it'll be much better with the vocals, if you ever submit a version of this with the vocals. Good job!

One thing I liked about the submission would be the sound quality of the submission. It sounds very very lo-fi and sloppy, but that fits flawlessly with the mood that you were aiming for, and I'm sure that the vocals you made (which are very well-written) will fit right at home with this.

The piano sounds nice and its melody is pretty catchy and grows on you as the song progresses. I would've liked some more piano melodies, but due to my lack of knowledge of this genre I don't know if it'll fit well. Even with the beat I would've liked a few more subtle rhythmic changes, but who knows, maybe I just complain too much. I liked the bass in this, and I love the sound of that guitar thing (?) at 0:50.

I suppose I'll end this review with a generic overall paragraph. Like I said, this song is repetitive, but I really like the sloppy sound that it has. All in all, I enjoyed this and it doesn't have any actual flaws which I can point out except the lack of lyrics. Keep up the good work, and sorry for the short review :P.

-Review Request Club-

spartacusxerox responds:

Hey thanks supersteph54, fellow RRC member, I enjoyed your comment a lot
I like how you encompassed both the positives and the negatives quite well, and I think I will put vocals to this song

I enjoyed your highly structured review and the amount of time you put into providing quality feedback.



-Nice interesting beat at the start and it flourishes well as the song continues. Very catchy and just the beat has nice interesting qualities. I was fully expecting to hear some vocals since you have them typed up here but they weren't in this version. A little bit of a letdown since the lyrics are very solid and seem like they would fit into this well if you can find someone to do the vocals.

-Reason being is that the beat is progressive in it's pace but it slows down occasionally to fit in those parts where I percieve the lyrics to pause a bit. Transitions in the melodies are done nicely and when this is all said and done I expect it to sound great.

-Review Request Club

spartacusxerox responds:

Thanks sixflab u tha bomb. Thx 4 reviewing my submission and taking the time to point out its strengths and flaws. Due to the positive feedback on this song, I think I might have to add lyrics, which would be a milestone for me, but the song just begs it I think.

Thanks very muchly for your well informed opinion.


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3.81 / 5.00

Aug 23, 2010
7:38 AM EDT
Hip Hop - Modern
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