[S,J] Mixed Junkie

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Thanks to those who voted me #1 this week. Means a lot :D

This is the first submission as Smith Comma John; a side-project by Spikrodd devoted exclusively to filthy dubstep.

This song has glitchy parts in there to give it an interesting and techy feel while around the blippy NES synth.

Do rate according to how much you like it, technical skill, grimeyness, etc.

This song features a sample from 'Intergalactic' by the Beastie Boys.

EDIT: I noted a few things needed to be changed, took the advice of some reviewers and edited the drums a tad bit, and other little things.

EDIT 2: If you enjoyed this song, make sure you check out my other songs! There's more epic past this.


Pretty damn good

Has a lot going for it, and a few things that could be touched upon or added.

As was mentioned before, the snare is a bit out of place and could use maybe a little more oomph. Otherwise the drums are amazing, and well varied.

The problem most people have with working around with NES/8-bit sounds is that they done have much of a tone and sort of suck it away from the other tones. Mess around with some sounds and give it a bit around the rather interesting bass part.

The bass gets a bit strange at a few areas, which is both good and bad. But it needs more sections where it's in the lower register and isn't jumping between low to high. Give us some bass man lol

Also it might be a good idea for legal reasons to mention that you used a sample from The Beastie Boys.

So give us something to go along with the bass, snare, and Beastie recognition, did i miss anything? Hmm.... The ending was great, but maybe like i said, make use of the bass as bass rather than the higher end sound and it willl be perfect =3

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SmithCommaJohn responds:

Sample given credit. Snare hit intensified. Fixed up the bass.

I don't think I missed much, now did I? :D


wicked dubstep man :)

SmithCommaJohn responds:

Thanks, broski.

Talent here

I love your attention to rhythm. Most artists forgo this completely. But you've nailed it with the glitch patterns, which work fantastically. The only thing I'd say is that your bass is slightly too obnoxious. I've found that filthy bass doesn't necessarily come right from creating the most overt sounds, but rather the effects that you put on those sounds. I'd recommend these three things: Reverb, flanger, stereo. It should fill out your bass in areas. I also want to hear some of the drum samples come out a little more on top of the bass; this can be accomplished with even simple EQing. Overall, you've got a huge amount of potential, but I'd say there's still a little bit of work to be done. Catchy though indeed!


SmithCommaJohn responds:

Thanks for your lenghy-yet-helpful review. I've pretty much retired this song from work for now, but I'll be sure to utilize these techniques in future works.


this is nasty. I don't even know

Good work :D

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SmithCommaJohn responds:

Oh you know... ;)


This song is fucking epic on so many levels. That Beastie Boys sample in there was tight. This dub is fucking dirty. The only thing I disagree with it the snare kind of but the bass is so tight I never really pay that much attention to the snare. Plus the kit is perfect in a lot of other respects. Peace and love.

SmithCommaJohn responds:

Everyone's on the snare, aren't they? lol

Thanks for the kindness, man. Means a lot. No srsly.

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Aug 22, 2010
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