Sins of Allegiance

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Any visage of a sky has been lost to this malefic fog that hangs above the battlefield, carrying, or perhaps reflecting our own anticipation for the ruin to come. I rest and consider the most mundane of things to hold my heart at bay. The voices of my brothers sound unnaturally close, and yet somehow far away, like a distant memory just out of reach within my own mind. The soul of man was not made to carry the death of another... What have I done?


Reviewer below gave most of what I have to say...

... But i thought I'd lend a hand with what to learn. Cellos and double basses aren't really good for being used like regular bass synths. They need smaller and less frequent jumps, or they'll tend towards sounding disjunct. When percussion comes in, you treat this song like an electronic song and don't really add much else alongside. The string timbres used in classical music are thinner than the ones synths create generally. To keep interest, add wind, brass or piano, and finally, to surmise, a greater wealth of ideas or innovation in modifying current ones is needed.

Put simply, classical music uses very familiar sounds constantly, for this reason it gets boring quicker than music which use artificial ones. More ideas, richer harmonies (7ths 9ths suspensions etc) and greater variation in timbre (instruments used) is needed to combat this.

My two cents along with a 6 and a 4
And love and peace.

godset responds:

Excellent insight. I've got very little experience with classical music, and was mostly just using this as a test of a couple of new VSTs.


After listening to this I felt like someone is still learning the way to compose something. Since this review-function is made for saying useful things, so I decided to be honest to you.

This song is supposed to be something depressing. It is, yes. This motif begins really good but after the beginning it doesn't develop anymore and it repeats and repeats and repeats. There is no musical soul in this piece of work. But you can do better!

My music teacher in school would say, that this is supposed to be in a movie or something. Without it, it doensn't have the right expression and gets boring. I'd recommend you to spend more time and let your fantasy out of your mind to develop more complex and better compositions! Just sit back, hum something and you'll get something useful very quick. If you haven't read anything about harmonics and stuff, I'd recommend you to do this, too.

It's not about the soundset I'm talking about but about the composition behind this, so don't get me wrong.

After you asked me to review on your song in your review on my song (Which was really positive, thx), I felt like helping you than saying something like "Wow this is awesome m8, keep up the good work". Don't be angry on me if you feel insulted because honesty if something very difficult to express.

I hope I could help you with my advice!

- intero

godset responds:

Yeah, I've got zero musical training, so that's the major difficulty for me. I hardly know the first thing about music theory. I know what you mean, it does drag on, but it's hard to say it "repeats and repeats and repeats" when it's only two minutes long.


There are very few words to describe this otherwise. This is both awesome and quiet refreshing to hear. This is one of those songs that just makes you think. Makes you realize the emotion in a song, the symbolization.

my goodness

well i'll have to be honest with you friend, this song fits the description perfectly, i actually nearly fely a tear come to my eye, it hit me on an emotional state, and any song that can achieve that deserves my respect, and a 10


godset responds:

Thanks! I'm really glad I could convey the song properly, and that someone who can appreciate it heard it

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Aug 21, 2010
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