Pokemon New Bark Town

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Hello, once again!

After some time away from music making, I listened to some of my favourite tunes in the Pokémon games, and the New Bark Town one was always a nostalgia bomb for me. I figured I finally ought to try recomposing it and see how it would turn out. In my opinion it did not turn out all that bad, so I decided to post it up here.

I have taken the next step in music making and have read about and tested out so-called VST. I have barely touched it, but at least I know what it stands for now, and you may also barely hear it being implemented into this track. Now that's a first, yush? Also, unlike my other Pokémon projects, my focus was not at all to try pinpointing notes.

Like all my other Pokémon G/S/C-based projects, this project is merely based on the gameboy version of the games and not on the new remade tracks featured in Pokémon Heartgold and Soulsilver.

I hope you enjoy. If you do, I have submitted several other musical projects here related to Pokémon in case you would be interested. =)


Nice remake

What is that instrument at the start? Its cool yet makes it all sound silly at the same time which I suppose is nice to hear though, makes it lighter and nicer on the ears.

The piano was very nice here and very relaxing. The drums were simple and kept a great tempo rhythm on this one. The beat reminds me of just how much fun those games were even after learning about Pokemon creepypastas. The bass line is very soft and subtle here.

Overall, very nice and nostalgic cover of a good town theme.

Radidsh responds:

The instrument at the start is the "RobinHood" instrument in Fruity Loops v. 3.56 with the "Fruity Reeverb" VST plugin effect attached.

I am very happy with how the piano turned out in this project too! Actually, I am happy about the entire project. x3

Thank you for the kind and analytic review, I am glad you liked it!


smooth music here....me like :D!

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Radidsh responds:

I am happy how this project turned out, so I am glad you enjoyed it too!

Thanks for the feedback. =3


Jesus what pokemon game is this from? Am I that old already? Nostalgic would be one of the first games right? Man, lol, maybe I am getting old...

I played the games but I've never heard this before, but it sounds musically correct. The synths have a nice pleasant tone and compliment each other nicely. The song has a nice length to it, and the whole song is very calming to listen to.

I'd give you originality points just on the simple fact that I haven't even seen this done before, so it can't really be that overdone. Anyway, good work with this. Sounds like it would be a great listen in any RPG game. Keep it up.

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Radidsh responds:

Last time I checked, there were three other projects related to that original track here on Newgrounds, indeed.

This is from the starting zone of Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal (second generation).

Thanks for the nice comment. ^^

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