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Aug 19, 2010 | 12:22 PM EDT
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Rated 4.24 / 5 stars
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Electronic - Ambient

Author Comments

Hello, NG! This is my new track for you. I suppose that's an ambient track, but I'm not sure... While listening you can imagine the forest where the strong rain recently passed, and now the last drops falling from the leafs...

Hope you like it, and don't forget to leave comments if you'll have something to say.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Good piece

Wow, this really lets me think that a massive rainstorm has just passed overhead and that the sun is just peaking through a gap in the clouds. The last few drops are starting to fall from the trees and as a result, the occasional drip falls into a puddle, sending ripples spreading across the surface.

I'm not sure what the bass beat signifies here and with that, it does feel like something else is going on, as if the storm was a thunderstorm and it is rumbling away in the distance, leaving us behind.

It almost seems as if you've put the ripple effect on the drips, to make it sound like the start of birdsong as well, which is very reminiscent of what happens after a rainstorm, especially in late summer.

I'd love to hear a piece from you based around the rain itself, as those two ambient pieces would seem to go together really well. After all, you can't have a song about "after rain", without the rain to go before it, can you?

The Oriental sounding wind instruments just seem to complete this piece and I am taken away from my own garden to somewhere more spiritual, such as a Buddhist temple in the mountains, as the monks come out and carry on their daily tasks after the rain has passed.

[Review Request Club]

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EvilScorpio responds:

Your review is good as always, Coop)) Thanks)


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Certainly sounds like what you were going for...

...I have to admit that the first thing I'd think of if I heard this song would be a forest, and the various droplet effects really helped to give the atmosphere of a wet forest, just after a lot of rain. I've had it looping for quite a while without noticing that it's been looping all this time, so that's pretty impressive. Since it's quite a long song, I'll review the song as I go along, rhyme unintended.

0:00 (Intro) - An interesting way to start the song. The high bells give out a sort of 'dreamy' feel, so I didn't think you'd manage to turn this into a forest-like song, but I suppose you did a good job in that despite the 'dreamy' feel in the intro. You may want to EQ the bells a bit more though, I think they have too much highs and listening to them with high volume or listening to them a lot gets a bit annoying. The melody is good though.

0:13 - I'm hearing some droplet sounds. They work really nicely and fit beautifully with the bells, but one thing that I don't really like is that they fall at the second beat of the bar each time. I doubt that a real forest can make droplets fall off its leaves in such a rhythmic, predictable manner.

My point is, while the droplets fit very well playing at the same time as some notes with the bells, I think that occasionally you could add some droplets at random times during the song. Not too much, or it might distract the listener, but I think that not making the droplets so predictable by playing them exactly on the beat might make the atmosphere better.

0:28 - The percussion comes in. To be honest I'm not so impressed with the percussion, sorry :(. It's very simple and bland. Maybe you could add a few congas/bongos, cymbals, and maybe some shakers or other soft percussion. Right now, the percussion sounds extra, and doesn't compliment the track as much as I would've liked.

0:56 - I think the main melody starts getting a bit repetitive here. You're slowly introducing new elements to the song every few bars, which is great and makes this more interesting, but you might want to vary the main melody a little too.

1:25 - Here I'm hearing some variety, and while you didn't change the melody that much, this subtle change worked quite well. I absolutely love the staccato woodwind notes in the background, though. They fit excellently in the track and remind me of a forest a lot.

1:53 - I'm hearing a soft woodwind melody in the background. Nice touch.

2:21 - Here the woodwind melody enters the song. The melody is good, but what stood out the most in my opinion would be the sound of the woodwind instrument itself (some sort of flute or pan flute, I think). It sounds amazing, and worked very well. Later on, at 2:58, the bells play the melody alongside the woodwind, which sounded great.

3:13 - I think the transition before this part could use some work (the song goes quiet too suddenly), but I must say that this part is one of my favourite parts in the song. This is the first time I'm hearing the harp (?) which made this part quite interesting. The song reaches its climax as you introduce some more woodwind (which, by the way, sounded wonderful), and then it slowly dies down. Fantastic.

4:38 - It's become apparent that the song is getting ready to end. The transition to this part was good, and it's a good approach to an outro. One thing which I'm noticing is the lack of sound effects, though. You only had droplets, and I think some rustling of leaves, soft animal sounds and wind sound effects played at random times in the song would really help the atmosphere, in my opinion.

5:07 (Ending) - Here the song ends pretty subtly. I think the ending was a bit unexpected, but worked well. I'd prefer it if you slowly faded out the droplets, but that's a minor defect that's probably just me :/.


This is an impressive submission. Percussion is too simple, and doesn't compliment the track, there's a lack of different sound effects, at times it gets repetitive and there are a few small problems here and there, but overall it sounds great. Good job!

-Review Request Club-

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EvilScorpio responds:

Enormous thanks to you for so detailed and attentive review)) I will try to fix the pointed small problems and make the track even better. Thank you again)