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Are U Ready {Dj-Abbic mix}

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Aug 19, 2010 | 4:07 AM EDT
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4.30 / 5.00

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Rated 4.30 / 5 stars
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Electronic - House

Author Comments

Hey NG, this is the finished version of my remix of Black Wings Project's Are U Ready. I had to think long about what would suit the second half and I suddenly thought of a 1/3 swing and it turned out pretty cool :D. Submitting this for the NGADM so support me :)






Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

It works

Good build-up, a very pleasant rhythm and overall a reasonably enjoyable song, even for someone such as this reviewer, that does not really get on all too well with these genres of music.

It seems that the track adds new components as it progresses, but it is also not afraid to lose stuff, which is where some artists can go wrong. The way that it changes phases between a pumping hard track and has a relatively calm ending was quite a novelty, that I really enjoyed, myself.

Perhaps the next step for this track would be to add some vocal sampling to it, keeping it all together, but being ready for a more commercial appeal, since people love to listen to and dance to tracks that have some words, so that they can sing along while they gyrate in something that they call "dancing", though I doubt that this would get many marks on the floor of Strictly Come Dancing, for example.

[Review Request Club]

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DjAbbic responds:

Wow thanks. It's great to know you enjoyed this even though you don't like this genre of music :).

This was a remix, so adding vocals would probably be impractical, but I see your point here.

Thanks alot for the input and review :)


Rated 4 / 5 stars

A bit generic at times, but sounds cool.

You were right when a few months ago you said that your most popular song of 2010 isn't as good as your current songs, and while I always prefer more melody-oriented songs (probably why I like Orchestral more than House/Trance), there's no denying that this is a well-made song. Sounds generic, and I don't know how hard it is to make a House song which isn't since I've never made one, but it's still enjoyable to listen to and sounds cool. Good job.

Since this is quite a lengthy song, I'm going to review as I go along...

0:00 (Intro) - Very generic intro, I'm afraid. I like the sound of the kick, and the clap/snare that comes in after, albeit a little flat and dry, sounds OK. If there was anything I'd suggest over here, it'd be to make the intro less generic, maybe give it some new sound to keep the user interested. Or maybe it's just me and my ridiculously limited amount of knowledge of this genre.

0:30 - The melody's coming in. A typical rhythm of a house melody, can't really complain about it, and I suppose since this is a remix I can't credit you for the melody :P. The sweep you used was cool though, and the buildup of the melody was good.

0:59 - A new melody is layered on top of the previous one, and starts building up too. While this is yet another generic approach, the effect you used at the beginning of this part was great and the whole part provided a break from the usual pounding beat of the kick. Cool effect at 1:26 too :D.

1:29 - Here the beat is getting a bit repetitive, in my opinion. Maybe a few subtle changes might help make this part more interesting. Probably me though, like I said, I prefer more melodic songs.

2:30 - We're reminded of the break at 0:59. The 1/3 swing at 2:57 was really cool, and I liked the new layer to the melody at 3:14. Nothing to complain about here :3.

3:44 (Outro) - The outro starts here, and you slowly build down till the crash cymbal at the end. Not a bad ending, although it is quite generic (yeah I'm complaining too much).


This is a good submission, a definite improvement from the other one I reviewed, but I think the main problem that this song faces is that there aren't many things to make the listener go 'OK, that is cool', except maybe the 1/3 swing later on in the song, since a lot of the transitions, effects, rhythms and sections in this song have been used over and over in this genre. I may be too fussy, but if there's anything I think you should work on, it's making your stuff less generic.

That being said, you've nailed the transitions, production and effects, and the song all in all sounds good. Keep up the good work, and best of luck in the NGADM!

-Review Request Club-

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DjAbbic responds:

Yay :D I'm going to respond to your critiques (which I enjoy oh so much) as I go along.

Intro - Well, the generic intro was one of the things I picked up from all the professionals (Electrixx, Dirtyloud, Dj Solovey etc) and they all have the same intro. Maybe it's for easy DJ mixing but meh, I followed :P

:30 - It's still part of the intro, just added that to make it less boring I guess.

:59 - This was my attempt to recreate the melody from the original by ear. I don't really get people who use MIDI. It's just not fun to create :S. Sadly, the effect at 1:26 was a preset. I'M SORRY! :S

1:29 - This is the part where people should be bobbing their heads to the rhythm, I wouldn't have expected people to still listen to the beat :S. Oh well, my attempt at an epic rhythm.

2:30 - Laziness, pure laziness. Sorry again :(.

3:44 - At this stage, I've listened to it so much I was getting a bit tired and running out of ideas for it, so I decided to do a lame ending. I agree so much with generic endings, but I can never seem to end my songs well. It's always a fade-out or a crash. Maybe one day :P.

I think the point of making this song was to improve my production quality. Every time I compare my songs to professionals, they always have that sound that I don't (ambitious much?). Lately, my songs have been focusing on being professional sounding rather than well thought out. Just a next step :)

And thanks for wishing me luck in the NGADM :). I'll need it. Hope I get past auditions :o.

And last of all, thanks for the review ^^. I love your detail so much. :D


Rated 5 / 5 stars


As I've already told you in the preliminary version of this song: Epic beats, sounds and bits. All of them mixed perfectly in a nice rhythm that turned into this.
I liked the change of the tempo at 2:58. It was quite weird but it managed to keep the rhythm and style of the song until the end. Specially since you didn't change the soundset at all.
I don't really don't have much to say since I've already told you most of my thoughts about this in your other submission.
Conclusion: You managed to finish this very well. Congrats!

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DjAbbic responds:

Heh, I couldn't think of anything else to add in the song, so I just put that instead of adding a whole new thing. Also, I didn't want it to be too generic or repetive, so yeah. Thanks again for the review :)


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Holy Bass!

Had to pull my earbuds almost out of my ear to listen to this, because the bass was hurting my eardrums lol. It's cool, but I'm not into it too much. doesn't grab me. The kick gets old quick, and the synths just don't really enthusiate me. I haven't heard the original, but this could be better with some more kickass synths in my opinion.

DjAbbic responds:

Oh well, everyone has their opinions, and I can't please everyone. Sorry bout your ears ;)