The Final Attempt - The Place

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Just a small project by me and two other dudes, pretty raw demo made on a tight schedule.
I'm basically submitting this track to hear what you guys think of it..

Because it's fukken epic! Yeah you heard me, it's the best fucking song you will ever hear anywhere on the face of the Earth!

Naah, but I think it sounds pretty good though.

Guitar - Kim Göransson (Me)
Vocals - Robert Moberg
Angry screaming dude - Kristian Schüler
-----------Requested by PENTAhazardous-----------
Drums - Guitar pro 5/Kim Göransson
Bass - Robert Moberg


Edit: No, you will probably not get a good response to your review as I basically only respond when I'm bored at work where I pretend to do important stuff whenever someone looks at my screen.
My constant look-out for anyone approaching my screen has made my peripheral vision evolve into a full 180 degree field of sight which means I can also see into the future (I now see that I will make a second edit where I encourage people to review even if I dont seem to care and I make it very clear in this edit that I DO care) so thats good I guess..

Edit2: Dont let the above keep you from reviewing though, because even if it doesnt seem like I care I actually do! Alot! Like aloooooooooooooooooot.. The carebears have nothin' on me, I'm tha mf Carenator, thats how much I care!



love it!!!!!

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Excellent sound, and unique as well. Nice song.

Wrong Catagory, but F#$%'n awesome piece!

Should fall into rock, but I guess with the screaming lyrics, would make it metal.
However, you should strengthen your lead and bass for a larger, more broad scale metal feel.

That is all

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KhaahM responds:

Wise words amigo, very constructive and to the point.
Couldnt agree more, but until newgrounds adds more genres I will continue my endless struggle to categorize my music.


Uh... how is this considered heavy metal, this reminds me of like linkin park or something. Not saying i dont like it, just doesnt fit the category. I enjoyed reading your comment about care bears more then listen to this.

KhaahM responds:

The short answer would be; its not.
The long answer would be; itsss nooooooooooooooottttttttttttt.....

However, as the genres on newgrounds are about as broad as my middle finger, currently pointed upwards with its back facing the screen, and this song being one of those "wtf is this?" kind of tunes I felt that even though it might be more related to some of the other genres such as rock/pop it still has some coreish bits in it and therefore I posted it as Heavy metal ALTHOUGH I was fully aware that it is, in fact, not.

So, you like the song but because it isnt pure heavy metal you think it suck.
Thats like going to get icecream with your mom and she say to you "weechad, Im going to buy you some chocolate icecream" to which you reply "Oh boy momma!"
She then proceeds to buy you chocolate flavoured icecream, however its not the kind of chocolate that you thought it would. But you eat it anyways because hey, why turn down free icecream?
Then when youre finished you turn to your mom and slap her in the face saying "Fuck you its not what I expected, I fucking enjoyed it and I got it for free but I thought it would be different, therefore it sucked".

Open your mind a little more and dont put everything in specific categories, 99% of the music in the newgrounds heavy metal list isnt even heavy metal so.. yeah

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4.28 / 5.00

Aug 17, 2010
6:48 AM EDT
Heavy Metal
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