Skyward (Work in Progress)

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Hey guys! Well this is a song I've been working on whenever I have free time. I should be finished with it soon, and I hope you guys like this little preview.

Any suggestions, comments, or concerns? Please leave some feedback, I would greatly appreciate it :D


Epic :D

It's great so far, but I would suggest that the intro be shorter. The melody towards the end (At about 0:52) is so awesome it deserves more than about 30 seconds worth of the song. I hope you finish it soon, because it has a great sky sound to it (as in you can listen to it while on a plane or skywatching in the backyard on a summer day) and I'd love to hear how it turns out. I'm sure it'll be positively win. :D Oh yeah, and the only reason I'm giving you an 8 instead of 10 is because of the overly long intro and the fact that it's not done yet. Anyways, can't wait to hear the final version, and I hope my review helps. :)

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p0larus responds:

Yeah I'm still workin on it haha... it's goin on/off for awhile. I've been slammed with Work and School, so hopefully I could finish it up by Spring Break ;)

yo, keep trying! :)

Hello Polarus, don't know if you remember me. :)

I somehow ended up at your page and started listening to this song.

Looks like your trying to learn how to do a rolling bassline. Kudo's to you! You're going to need to master that if you want to make nice uplifting trance. But, I didn't like your rolling bassline. Feels too plain, keep working on it. I spent months trying to master it. Make sure you eq it and find the right instrument for it. (Nexus has plenty!)

I liked your pad and that arped sequencing pad.

Keep up the good work. I can help you with the rolling bassline if you want. Listen to my song "Creative Beauty", you might learn a thing or two! :)

Have a nice day!

- XeroQ

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p0larus responds:

Hey XeroQ! Yes, I do remember you... and yeah I tried to experiment with a rolling bassline. I knew it was too plain, but I didn't know what to do to make it sound good. Thank you for your suggestions on the rolling bassline! I really do appreciate your input.

I also thank you for your compliments on my pad, as I have worked on it for many nights. I will also listen to "Creative Beauty"

Thanks again for your review and suggestions, I greatly appreciate it! I look forward to your future tracks :)


I don't know about it having too many effects. the only thing i noticed was how the song was very repetitive at the beginning and then it changes into a new repetitive song. Its repetitive in a way that nothing new happens, its just a simple beat with a simple tune to it. There's nothing that makes it unique or special. it needs more fine tuning and experimenting with different melodies to make the song more interesting to listen to, even if it is a preview of the full song.

p0larus responds:

Thank you for your suggestions. As I have mentioned earlier, I will most likely add something more unique to it. I'll spend some time fine tuning and experimenting. Hopefully it will benefit the song as a whole. Thanks again for your input, I appreciate it!

To Many Effects

At the end/middle of the song you used to much effects in my opinion. Either that or the instrument you chose is just to "full" for the song. All in all it's an ok listen, but there isn't anything to distinguish it from other trance stuff here on ng. I think you have some work to do, but your getting by ok ;)

-Angelus 4/5 7/10

p0larus responds:

Thanks for your opinion! Maybe I'll tone it down just a bit and probably add something more unique to separate it from the crowd. I'll take your suggestions in consideration.

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