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Chasing the Clouds [Sonic 2]

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Author Comments

Another remix by me.

Its not finished...but i am too lazy to continue working on it. (like all of my tracks)

This was actually a 'Loop' but somehow that long pause at the end came in...i dunno how or why.

EDIT 1 - Few Minutes After Upload: Better Quality Version
EDIT 2 - 29.09.10: Loop Fix. It actually loops now. :D


A nice loop

Something that would be very useful in a video game, probably as a menu tune, but that's not to say that this is the only use for this. A nice soothing acoustic guitar, accompanied by some well placed synths and a little touch to the high hat.

I think that this is particularly useful for such games as Final Fantasy style games, but its use would be determined entirely by the author of such a game. FMV sequences would be brilliant for this as well, though you may need to write a longer piece for that, just to leg it out to maybe three minutes, for the effect on that piece of cinematography / animation.

[Review Request Club]

DarkKyoushu responds:

Thank you very much for your time to write this.

Very relaxing and calm.

There aren't many problems that I have with this song which I can mention. It sounds excellent, and naturally I wish it was longer. Good work, it sounds very well done :D.

I'll split the review into a pros and cons section.


- The sounds you chose work really well with the melodies, and that's one of the main things I look for when listening to a remix. The guitar, or harp, or whatever it is, works extremely well, and the pad in the background compliments it nicely. The bass in the background fit nicely too, and gave the listener a little more to listen to, despite the length of the submission.

- The transitions are great. There's one particular transition which is a very slight bit abrupt, but I'll mention it in the cons section. Most of the transitions fit nicely and flowed smoothly.

- The intro was well done.

- This has a really calm and light feel to it, which works really well with the nice melody. I can't credit you for the melody since this is, of course, a remix, but you really did the melody justice with the calm feel, the awesome sounds and the smooth transitions.


- The transition at 0:04-0:05-ish sounds pretty abrupt, in my opinion. While the pad sounds great like I said above, I think it comes in too suddenly. Maybe some quick reverbed reverse cymbal to start it up for something like that might work to introduce the pad more smoothly, but since this pad basically has no attack time at all, I think it needs something else to introduce it more smoothly and not so abruptly.

- I think this needs some more sounds to keep the listener interested. Maybe a few wind effects or a new instrument. Just a thought.

- You know this already, but I'll mention it anyway. The song doesn't loop well because of the pause at the end. I'm not reducing any of the score because of it since you said you don't know how it happened, but it's a bad thing about this track nevertheless. Have you checked if Newgrounds is adding the silence? Maybe if you mark it as a 'loop' not as a 'song' it might not add the silence. Or maybe when you exported it you ticked some sort of option which adds silence to the end of your track. That's all I can think of now :3.


It's a cool little loop, and despite the fact that it doesn't do its job for looping, may need another sound to keep the listener interested, and there are a few abrupt transitions, it's still an impressive track. Been such a long time since I last heard it, heh.

Keep up the good work, good luck if you ever finish it!

-Review Request Club-

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DarkKyoushu responds:

I'll only ask you in the future to review my tracks, simply that your review is the only review i got that was nice to read. (The only guy with a review talent)

The Start, indeed is, way to abrupt. I'll upload a fixed version soon enough. But first, i need to get that damn pause away at the end. >.>

Nice Day, DarkKyoushu.


this is pretty nice.


This sounds tight.

DarkKyoushu responds:

thanks! <3

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Credits & Info


Aug 16, 2010
2:04 PM EDT
File Info
1.8 MB
49 sec
4.34 / 5.00

Licensing Terms

Please contact me if you would like to use this in a project. We can discuss the details.