[MC] This Is For You

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This piece is done and isn't done. I was hoping to get some vocals from a friend, but things aren't working out right now so I decided to upload it as is for now. The cello at the end is where I was planning on putting the vocals. Not to say I don't like the cello, but my original idea was for vocals.


Another positive review

The reason I am so hesitant to give 10s to other songs is so that I can save them for those times that I'm truly blown away. This is one of those times. 10!

indeed a good listen.

It started off slow, but then it really caught my attention. Well done a all around good piece.

Only one word!

that describe this... awesome!

Brand new!

This classical piece was amazing, I really liked it because the emotion, action, story content and melodies you did. I don't know what you was thinking while composing this awesome audio, but it looks like two enemies, preparing for a confront and when hit the choral voices during 02:20, it looks like the enemies are going to challegenge, and the last parts you said you was going to place your friend's voices, looks like the end or a climax from the conflict. You should be proud, this was pretty good, nice job!! Now for the topics list:

"This is for you", this is an interesting part, because I didn't understand it all, would be like "This is for you, spectators of my audio", or if it would be a story from a person who is giving something to another people, giving a gift or whatever? I would like to know it, but this doesn't does your audio a trash, this is just a question of name, I would have to know a storyboard, to understand what was the motive from the title.

Your audio looks like, as I said, a battle, this reminds me that old century wars, as the Roman or Otoman battles, I think while you was composing this soundtrack, you wasn't thinking in gladiators, battles and strikes, you was thinking in another thing, maybe an emotional song, but when the choral voices begin to sing, really shows like that movies, I really liked this complex concept where we can imagine a lot of things inside, while is not that. You did really good this song, because you're tricking me in everything, I can't understand the exactly motive from the title and the original concept.

The percussion you did is really good, it is not repetitive and don't turns the song bothering, it have a break in a each point of time, this was pretty good, the percussion you created before and to the choral was awesome, I really liked this transitions and your transitions were pretty good.

Your song is really good, haha, you tricked me in the title and concept, but anyway, your song is good, emotion well placed, transitions, melodies and FX well placed, I just think that remains something more and some kind of story, but pretty good!!

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"Brand New"


from ----

Thanks for let me listen this song.
Sorry for my grammar mistakes!

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varrin7 responds:

The title is meant to be someone going to battle or making a sacrifice for a loved one, as you guessed. ;)

Job well done

This is a great piece, the only thing I dislike, which isn't even really a problem, but the vocals the come in at 2:13 are a bit...sharp? Like they have no soul? But this paints an amazingly vivid picture of what you wanted to convey in my mind. Well done my friend, well done.

varrin7 responds:

I didn't realize who this was at first. I'm going to get you. Hahahah.

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