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Key to Eternity

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Author Comments

This is a nice summer trance song. It took a lot to make it so your feedback would be well appreciated. Thanks and enjoy!


A typical DJ-Chilvan song...

...Not saying that's a bad thing. As usual, an uplifting, joyous and of course lengthy song :D. Definitely something that reminds me of summer, and a lot more melodic than the usual trance song. One thing about this submission is that after I've finished listening to it, it doesn't feel like a whole seven minutes have passed. Time flies when you're enjoying something, eh?
By the way, very sorry I took so long to review this. I've been meaning to review this, but I've had so much to do...

Right then, I'll review this as I go along since this is pretty much the longest song I've ever reviewed xP.

0:00 (Intro) - You've got to love that intro. The cool effect at the beginning transitioned perfectly to the start of the song. The song immediately begins with a light, dreamy feel to it. The melody itself sounds astoundingly well-done. Unfortunately, one thing which I immediately noticed would be the mix. It sounds a little undefined and blurry. I think some stereo separation, EQing and a little less reverb might fix this, but mixing isn't my specialty.

0:56 - Whoa. That transition was absolutely superb. You used the same effect as you used in the intro, and then the drums came in and I couldn't help but widen my eyes a little :P. However, like kravening said, the drums are too quiet, especially the kick which is basically drowned in the mix due to no highs/mids (again, some EQing will fix this). I'm not asking for a floor-shaker, but I think a more powerful kick will definitely sound more epic.

2:20 - Haha just when I was about to comment that the song was feeling a little monotonous and needs a new sound, you go and add a new sound. Is that the generic rhythm I'm hearing again, though? :P.

2:47 - O.O This part literally (OK not literally) blew me away. The atmosphere here is out of this world, and dude, that is the most massive crash cymbal I've heard in ages... Yeah, long story short, this is probably one of my favourite parts of the song. Maybe you should take a shot at making an ambient song sometime. Judging from this part, I'm sure it'll be successful. Around a minute afterwards, you introduce the intro melody again in a very subtle manner, which worked so well.
I would've preferred it if you used a new synth over here to repeat the intro melody though, since it might make it sound more epic, but that's just a small suggestion...

4:23 - The kick comes in, a nice touch; would've been better if the kick wasn't so drowned out and weak, but I should stop complaining :P.

4:51 - Here's another really cool part with a good atmosphere. Soon a really long sweep starts, and ends at 5:18.

5:18 - Yet another AMAZING transition, and then a key change? Genius. It provided a wonderful climax to the song, and anyone can clearly see that the song is finally coming to an ending.

6:15 (Ending) - A good approach for an outro, the song is clearly about to end any second. The ending itself is awesome, but I think the very long note at the end was a bit ear-piercing lol. Maybe you should make it half its length. Other than that, an awesome ending, with some cool plucks fading out at the end too, which was a really nice touch.


This is really cool, among the best of your submissions. The melody is epic, all of the sections sound amazing, the transitions are beautifully executed and the intro/ending are both perfect (except for the ending note which could be a little shorter). I think the main two problems with this would be the blurry mix, and the quiet drums, namely the weak kick which is practically begging for some highs and mids. I think that if you worked on those two defects, along with any other small nitpicks I complained about in the review, then it would make the song a great deal better.

So all in all, I don't regret coming to review this. Usually for a whole seven minutes, I'd get bored, but this manages to keep me entertained and interested for every second that the song is playing. Keep up the excellent work! Oh and we should exchange reviews again sometime :D.

-Review Request Club-

DJ-Chilvan responds:

lol wow I can't believe I forgot to respond to this review! It prolly slipped me. Thanks for this kind and lengthy review. You seriously do have the best ones on NG!

Very Nice!

Beaytiful Tune!!

DJ-Chilvan responds:

Thanks man! I really appreciate it!

its nice

it is a nice melody certainly but the kick only has lows i can hear and the drums in overall are to soft in volume and a kick in trance also needs some highs or mids for it to be audible and give the track more punch maybe also add some sidechained synth on the slower parts with a nice transition :) i liked the parta around 2:48 alot it makes it more calm it remindend me of some sick soundscapes kontakt 4 has good luck on your work and keep them coming

ps. if u want info on good compressors effect synths etc u can look at dogs on acid it is an electronic music forum (mostly D&b and dubstep) but there is some good information or u could ask what i use

DJ-Chilvan responds:

Thanks for the review man! I really really like the advice you gave me. I will take all of your advice and apply it to my future projects. And I'll for sure check out dogs on acid.

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4.11 / 5.00

Aug 7, 2010
8:46 PM EDT
File Info
7.9 MB
6 min 57 sec

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