MIII - You Survive (Dream-mix)

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Remixing my own work is hard, as I don't send 'em out until I think I've done everything I can with an Idea. BUT, against all odds, and with a little inspiration from my favorite game ever, Mechwarrior 2, here is 'You Survive', tha mechwarrior dreamix trippy cloud remix....whatever.




this game was out when i was 5 and i still play it to this day

the music brings back the memories of my mech overheating due to auto-cannon fire

wonder if you can bring back any of the mech mech voices to like the start up sequence and or the critical damage warning

MobiusIII responds:

I wish newer computers could run it. I loved blowing legs off with mah medium pulse lazors. Thanks for the review! I have all the MW2 computer voice FX - PM me if you want them!


I would have to agree with Chronamut. It seems like you're mixing moods here. The nice chill sounds with totally blatantly crazy sounding stuff. It seems to kinda conflict a bit. I would have to say you should pick one style per song and just stick with that, or at least ride it out for a bit.

Other than that, the song still sounds pretty good. It's enjoyable to listen to without the bloopy delayed synth as it's been labeled, lol. All of the other calming noises in the background, as well as the percussion, sounded great. The last 30 seconds were especially enjoyable, although I'm not sure if the voice at the beginning and end were really warranted for a song like this.

Just seems a bit all over the place. I'd expect voices like that in some crazy loud trance song. Other than that, a good tune, keep up the good work.

MobiusIII responds:

I'm glad you took the time to check this one out - despite its flaws, its one of my favorite things I've done. The voices are from the computer lady that loves to tell you when your shutdown sequence has initiated in the game Mechwarrior 2. The background melody that comes in at :46 is from the game soundtrack as well!


however I feel you're starting to rely on remixes as a crutch like I did - I'm interested to see what you can compose all on your own. Personally not a fan of the bloopy delayed synth myself.. you seen to be developing a pattern of combining pretty chill sounds with.. ugly ones.. not a big fan of that.. you should stick to a style and run with it all the way through. Other than that synth though the rest of the song is alright, if a bit boring - don't be afraid to let loose a little!

not bad.


MobiusIII responds:

Thanks for another review. I myself couldnt decide whether the bloop was good or not, but I kept it because i thought it added to the trippy, not-quite-right, sort of feel i was aiming for.

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Aug 7, 2010
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