§Arbiter§ - Aztec Ambition

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This is a song completely based upon the percussion that I made as a base.
From there, I thought it would be interesting having a more ethnic feel to them, developed the drumtrack accordingly, and merged it with some voices - done with reverb added.

I present to you, at the duration of 2:45 sec, Aztec Ambition.



i need your permission so can i put this on youtube

Arbiter responds:

Feel free : )

--Christian S.

Great, but could be better!

This piece is an amazing success. The percussion section was great, and everything seemed well arranged. There are very few things that I dislike about this piece. However, I do think the brass section sounds a bit strange in a piece that is aiming for a tribal feel. It goes fine with the percussion, but brass instruments just don't, in this case, fit that "tribal" tone. They sound more reminiscent of the great mountains of Western Europe than the plains and valleys of Aztec-dominated Mexico.

Additionally, the piece seems to drag considerably in the second half (specifically after the 2:00), and everything begins to sound a bit flat and anti-climactic.

Overall, I really liked the piece. It's great as it is, but if you're willing to work on it some more, I'm sure it will be even better!

Good work and good luck!

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Arbiter responds:

I'm not going to try and defend my decisions, as I was rather unsure to add the brass in the first place -- and even more so the string sections of the song - however, I feel that though it might take away from the tribal feel of the song, I needed something to cover the instances where the song had some progression.

As for the 2:00 mark and above, I felt that I needed something to finish up the song, and as I really despise fade-outs, this was the best alternative I saw fit.

Thanks for your constructive criticism and thoughts on the piece, truly it means a lot : )

--Christian S.

A Beautiful Work Of Art

Beautiful tribal style music. Excellent drum work. I have always loved the Aztec tribe and used to constantly read about them. This sounds like something they would have created.

Whoever did the music for Avatar should watch their coattails, as you'll be snapping at them in no time.

Arbiter responds:

Thank you for the compliments, Tashdacat : )
Ethnicity fascinates me as well, as it's great that you picked up on the percussionate work : )

--Christian S.


I wholeheartedly agree with xCyLx, this sound like just the kind of music Avatar 2 needs. It's an epic track and I do not use that word lightly. This is amazing, it's complex yet simple and has this feeling of action, adventure, suspense...it could be used as a movie is reaching it's climax or as the lead character is preparing to embark on a grand quest. Keep up the great work and I'l be looking forward to more audio submisions from you.

Arbiter responds:

Hi Rogue, first I'd like to point out the sentence "Complex yet simple", and honestly - I do understand this sentence, as it's somewhat my own feelings regarding this song.
I thank you for all your kind words, truly - and I hope that you continue on checking in on me : )

--Christian S.


James Horner watch out...'Avatar II' menu screen loop already taken care of!

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Arbiter responds:

Honestly, my skills are nowhere near that of many of the "elite", and quite frankly some of the composers on Newgrounds have proven themselves equally good, or better than myself on quite a few occasions. This being said, thanks for putting this song in high regard, it means a lot : )

--Christian S.

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Aug 3, 2010
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