Halloween Dance

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A piece that was composed as a tribute to Halloween.

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Wow guys this is what you call HALLOWEEN MUSIC. No "Thriller" music for Halloween shops anymore, just put this on and problem solved! Since it's Fall now, I'm gonna play this over and over until I have the need to stop (I never will) since this piece of art audio-ly fascinates me in every way. Thanks for upgrading Halloween in terms of music.

Simply amazing music

To the author.
I am dumbfounded to find this is an original work. I very seriously thought it was something from the stellar composers of the Castlevania series. This is absolutely professional work here. If you don't work in the gaming big time industry composing, you very well ought to be.

To other listeners.
If you are a fan of the Castlevania series music, and/or a fan of gothic organ symphonic music, it doesn't get much better than this. This would grace any gothic castle, cathedral or ballroom. Simply stunning.

An epic tribute to my favorite holiday

It sounds like some thing you would hear in a video game where you fought the final boss of Halloween night. It also sounds similar to the final battle music used in the classic House of the Dead games.


Amazing level of creepyness

This is perfect for a Halloween party. It will be quite a SCREAM!!!!!

Scary and epic

A classic Halloween song. It gives you that feeling that your not alone even in the brightest of light. Nice! Keep up the good work!