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EDIT: Mastered it a less loud!

This is my symbolical present for a brilliant Newgrounds flash artist who is turning 18 today. I'm working on a full song as a real present because dude wants something with something to dance to ;P

ThePigeonMaster you rule! <3

I used:
*Ableton Live 8
*Addictive Drums(XNL Audio)
*Guitar Rig 4 (NI)
*Some Abletone Plug-ins
*Yamaha RGX Ty Tabor Signature
*Bass Cort A5
*Samples from freesounds.org

ThePigeonMaster's Theme © is Sonofkirk / 2010

Also Happy Birthday!

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The vocals, where did you get the vocals? They really go with the song really good! In fact, it would be awesome if you used them throughout the song. Well... throughout the song... if it were a little more than thirty nine seconds long. It does loop really good though.

The guitar is really awesome in this piece. The drums are pretty simple, but do add to the song overall. The sound effects really add to this piece as well. I think you could take the guitar of this and make it into a much darker heavy metal song with a little tweaking. You might want to revisit what you did here someday.

Anyway, it's been a long time and I felt like reviewing a piece of audio today so I figured I'd drop by and give you a review as a way of saying hi.

Sonofkirk responds:

I got the vocals from some kind of software on the internet that will say things that you type, and you can choose the type of voice you want (male female old young etc...). I typed "the pigeon master" and I recorded it and then I edited it to make it sound louded, fuller and also to get that " the pi, the pi, the pi, the pigeon master!" :D.

It's really short yeah, I tried to compose a longer version of it but I didn't do anything convincing. After some thoughts, I hardly see this piece as a full length song, I like the catchy side to it :).

Anyway thanks a lot for the review and saying hi, catch you on msn soon! :)

Jesus, man...

Listening to this and your other works have got me thinking; I should start working on my chops again, holy hell! I've been playing for 8 years and my playing is nowhere near as clear as yours! Not only that, its tasteful, and razor sharp.

Right, on to the music,

I love it! It absolutely lifts me to a state of elation, and gets my head bobbing. Everything about the sound is well done: Instruments (VSTi or otherwise) well played, that bass tone is just orgasmic, and the creative use of record scratches to accent that melody, along with the samples. It loops well, offering a great opportunity to let it truly sync in as I write this. Also that lick at about the 00:10 mark is fantastic; well played , clear, and was a great complementary piece to the rest of the track. My only gripe is that this loop is a tad bit loud, but its not enough to knock any points off.

Overall a damn fine job (though that's an understatement), but nothing less could be expected, as proved by your previously submitted tracks.

5/5, 10/10

A tip of my hat to you sir (whether this means anything coming from a relative newbie to the newgrounds scene, is up to you, haha)

(also excuse the long review)

Sonofkirk responds:

Hell yes, I love these long reviews, and a 10, thanks! I'm realizing I've pushed the limiter plug in too far that's why it's this loud. I'm lowering the overall level in a minute and I'll change the file :). Thanks for the advice.

Also, I've been playing for 5 years so I'm not far from your 8 years :). Well I'm just amazed with all those compliments man, I can just thank you. I really like those reviews, helpful and make me want to keep submitting my shit on here.

Thanks so much. I'll make sure to review you back! <3

another favourite?

looks like we has a 2nd fav!

Sonofkirk responds:

Thanks for that :]

Oh god

Holy crap, you're incredible.

That's what an eargasm feels like. I think. I'm pretty sure I just had one. I love the combination of the scratching and rock, as well as those vocal samples. Especially sounded awesome in the bit slower part.

The guitar part... oh my god how awesome. And I was absolutely amazed at how well it looped. Towards the end I was thinking that "this can't loop well at all", but it sounded absolutely flawless. Great stuff

ThePigeonMaster should be forever grateful for this.

Review Request Club

Sonofkirk responds:

How cool to give eargasms to people :P. I was actually kinda surprised to see how well the scratching samples fitted the song. I used only two samples, but I reversed them both so I ended up with 4 scratching sounds, that's tricky but it sounds awesome! Nice to see that people doesn't notice it doesn't loop so perfectly, I guess it works fine this way :).

Thanks for the review dude, feels ggood to be reviewed by my old rrc fellows :)

Good job!

I really like the song. I like the way the way it loops at the end. The good music never ends. Good job!

Sonofkirk responds:

Thanks man, I'm glad you liked it! It doesn't loop perfectly though, Newgrounds seems to cut the audio file a bit and a 16th note is missing at the end but oh well it seems that people doesn't notice it! Thanks again for the review!!

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Jul 30, 2010
8:06 AM EDT
General Rock
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