Tale of Daedalus

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This is a song that my band recorded. The lyrics are based off of the inventor Daedalus. It is about his struggles with killing his own nephew and then losing Icarus to the sea. Woot.

We have other songs in the works! More to come.
We also have webisodes and working on a comic book as well.


UPDATE 11/3: Webisode guest starring Ben from Sing It Loud and Sir Drew Hurst from the drew hurst trio!

http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=AF5uhxIl6E0&feature =autofb

UPDATE 8/3: I figured I would post the lyrics just for the shear novelty of listening and seeing what the words are.

Cool moon!

We Jump from prison that is our life!
A man's genius is another man's strife.
Follow me to the sky, young Icarus fly!

I killed my son with the hopeful ideas that I had,
The sun laughs as the waves crash in all too fast,
Don't wander!
I warned you!
Damn my art and the wonders that hold true.

Was it my ghastly murder of my own blood pact?
Jealousy running through the veins of a master!
To think my nephew would surpass my skill.
Overwhelmed my thoughts and drove me to this act!
Flee from all that will relate my disaster.
My heart mourns still.

King Minos!
Leave me alone!
I invent for myself!
No one shall know!
I am who I am!
Have done what I did.
I am making up for my sin!
Dark eyes shine with madness and regret!

We jumped from the prison all in vain.
Painful pursuit of the knowledge I obtain.
Followed me to the sky, young Icarus died!

Boil! With the conch and your tricks.
Boil! With the heat that transfixed, me
As I watched my son die
I watched him fall

Why must life torment me? Can't I feel whole inside?
I'm left with nothing more than, my own thoughts to confide!

Locked in my mind!

Why must life torment me? Can't I feel whole inside?
I'm left with nothing more than, my own thoughts to confide!

I who created the labyrinth
I who held the beast in the myth
I who flew as do the harpies
I who brought a king to his knees

Still suffers!!
Until death stops my heart!

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real good job guys

i wish when you scream it was lower, it is good just needs to drop it down some. also, the keyboards seem...overly loud. imho


Your intro was ripped from Ducktales - Moon stage.
The rest of your piece was entirely original and THAT alone was totally awesome.
I was expecting to hear something done to ducktales or some shit, but this...blew my mind! Loved the whole damn song!

5/5 9/10


Love the post-hardcore-ish sound and the use of synth. Vocals, both singing and screaming, are very well done. Good luck to you guys!

can i use this song in a mythology report

Sounds kinda like the devil wears prada. Good vocals, conversion of Hesiod's tales to more modern lyrics, and clarity and vocal synchronization.

SITEbassist responds:

This will be a response to all past reviews. Thanks to all for your comments and thoughts. We enjoy your praise as well as your heckling. Mmmm.

We will be touring the US June 17th - July 30th, so if you are interested at all, I will post tour dates on my profile with other links and all that jazz.

If you want to check out the 4 song EP it is at http://saturnaliamn.bandcamp.com/albu m/the-colline-gates

Yes, use the fuck out of this song if you need to.
Use it hard.


Screamo = Sad

This is awful.

SITEbassist responds:


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