Clouds are raving WIP

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If you're wondering what WIP means, it means Work In Progress. :)

Newgrounders, I need your help in finishing this song!
Please review and tell me what's good and what's bad in this song.

Thank you for listening!

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Really like the buzzy sounds you've used, and the overall dreamy feel of the song.

The intro was amazing. It could've been such a great ambient track. Not saying it's not a good track, but with that intro, this could've been a great 10-minute ambient track.

The intro is somewhat ruined by the very generic drum build-up. The synths introduced afterward continue a build up, you should've let them go a bit longer before the buzzing melody came in, was a bit too hard and sudden.

I can't complain about it being repetitive, not at all. I really like the transition at about 1.25, but it sounds a bit out-of tune due to the echo you've added. Maybe a nightmare in between the dreams? :P

I see it's a work in progress, so I'm looking forward to a possible done version of this.

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Agamoka responds:

Thanks for the review.

Synthy, trancey, floating on a leaf

Hey Agamoka, I'm gonna give you a log of my feedback:

0:05 Sounds very nice. I like the little chimes? coming in.
0:21 This snare is very bouncy.
0:28 Ooh, the bass just stopped after like one beat not cool.
0:42 OK, the synth is way too overwhelming. An easy mistake. I liked it quieter.
1:07 The piano fits in well, however.
1:18 Ooh, I liked these strings. The bass coming in ruins it, however. But mind you, someone has to keep the beat.
1:38 The classic kick-bass-kick-bass. Has to be one of the most overused of all time. It's still OK though, I've just used it way too much.
2:15 Nice ending.

- Creativity/Originality -
Sounds very contrived at parts, resembling a Basshunter song. It is your creation, however, and the snare at the beginning is very bouncy. But the string parts, again, are the most important parts of the song. They are the most creative, original, and birthing processes of the song. The trancey synthes, you can do away with those. But you can't afford to do away with subtle nuances.

- Soul -
The soul of this piece is jubilant, out there and in your face. Very sanguine and happy-go-lucky. Mind you, there's the undercurrent of the rising waves of life there, too. This has got a very nice soul. Feels like you're running through a field. And then when you have that string part, you're floating on a leaf falling from a tree, feeling your own heartbeat, staring up at the sun. Visualised in my mind. Then you race through various rainbows of colours, as they fly by.

- Entertainment -
I was quite entertained. I'm a big fan of the quiet string parts. The ambiguity that arises where chords begin and end, it's amazing. I actually think people focus on the loud&proud way more often than the actual good parts, the nice shifts and subtleties, nuances. They are the most intricate part of the songs and delicacy is something people pay megabucks for.

- Professionalism -
The bass at 0:28! It stopped, and it ruined the whole pro feel from then on. But the rest of it actually had very professional touches. The panning from left to right at 0:55 distracted as well, but overall it was very professional. Just sounded very rushed.

- Reviewer's Tilt -
I quite liked this. It wasn't my favourite cup of tea, but it was my cup of tea nonetheless. Very good chord progressions, and I like the jubilant soul of the music. Enjoyed the quiet parts very much, and itt was quite professional, only rushed a tad. Felt like we were racing too fast, gonna crash. Thanks for letting me listen.

- Creativity/Originality: 6/10
- Soul: 8/10
- Entertainment: 7/10
- Professionalism: 5/10
- Reviewer's Tilt: 8/10




Agamoka responds:

Thank you very much for your detailed comment.
This will help me to make better songs. :)

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Jul 27, 2010
6:32 AM EDT
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