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a highly experimental loop exploring the depths of stereo - in this case "pillar rotation"

pillar rotation works like this - sound is like a neverending pillar of light up and down in the stereo spectrum - you can mover it all around - but you can't really move it up or down.. our ears don't really register sound that way through headphones. So with pillar rotation you take a sound - and you fix it to a cardinal point - I like to start off at the left cardinal point - or in you're head that would be west - west being left, south being behind you north being straight ahead and east being right.

You then take that cardinal point - and rotate it on a central axis.. so it goes west north east and south in your mind,but you don't do it gradually - you sort of chunk it - so do - do - do - do - left forward right back left forward right back etc etc. Silencing the sound in between these intervals helps to acheive this effect as well - especiall if you lay another piller on top of that and rotate the whole piller rotation 45 degrees - so northwest, northeast, southeast southwest etc etc - it helps if you make this a different sound - or if it's the same sound liek in this loop - to make it an octave higher - it also gives an extremely interesting layered effect - as each synth gates in volume when the other one comes in - so that they never ever overlap.

so in this case I have used two different one pillar styles - or one 8-pillar rotation style - although you can't really use that one because increments in pillars usually face each other and eventually form rotatings geometric shapes - so it is one is two 1 pillar rotations - one set to standard cardinal points and the other overlappev - like overlapping a diamond onto a square. Obviously youi can change the platform of the cardinal field so that instead of 4 cardinal points the pillar rotates in a triangular rotation, or pentagonal etc etc - but I happen to like my squares - or in this case - octagon.

the bass has been backwalled - that is reverb has been applired and it's room has been set to zero so that instead of existing as 3d space it exists as a flat plane. Also the bass has been increased through the reverb alone - something I wasn't aware you could do but that works fairly well if you set the dry to 100%.

The drums are the crowning acheivement of this through - 2 different drum patterns set INSIDE the pillar rotationat opposite points - but they are very very diverse - with a lot going on that if you really really strain your eyes to hear you will notice - the best thing is they are places to that you naturally DON'T notice these things - it's more an observation for a connisseur of sound ;)

also the drums are strategically placed inside the circle so that the synth pans AROUND them - this is very important because if they are not then it breaks the rotation cycle and ruins the 3d panning illusion.

the 3d panning is done by strategically lowering and raising lows mids and highs at the proper times and lowering and raising the levels of the bass as well so that nothing ever interferes - this is constantly dynamically occuring - nothing is static in this loop.

also this loop might be too bassy - can't remember and im currently listennig on headphones - if so I will fix when I get home.

you can see some of the automation here: mation.jpg (take out the space) - I couldn't fit it all onto the screen hehe - there is a lot.


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What did you use to make that panning synth, it sounds very non nexus. lol. It has sort of a chiptune feel which I like, mainly due to the snare.

I think you could have done a lot more with this song though. It starts of nice but it never really does anything. Which I'm sure you're aware of, but heck you wrote a lot in the description.

Chronamut responds:

dude read the description - it was done to be a lesson in stereo.

I used a vst called synplant - it's an organic vst - not everyone on this site uses nexus you know.

It's also meant to be a loop - which is perfectly acceptable to be used in flashes - which is the whole reason the audio portal exists - to be a resource for the flash portal.

thanks for the review.


Learning The Lesson :D

Hmmm, interesting, I must learn how to get this effect for my loops too! :)

Although sometimes the effect kinda got lost , I'm not sure how to explain that.

But it did worked somehow, a bit, could use a bit more work.

But hey, it's a lesson learned :)

Chronamut responds:

indeed - I think your ears just eventually get used to it. I want to make the rotation angles wobble up and down a bit so it's like a spinning atom effect. Stereo spectrum is fun!

thanks for the review!



This is more of a lesson on why to use stereo effects in moderation. I mean I understand what you're doing and it serves its purpose, but as far as experimentation and production goes this would generally be a huge turn-off.

Understanding this -is- vital though, and people should learn it and make it second nature, it helps tremendously in the long-run. And for that reason, I like this. Nice job with the example and the explanation. :)

Chronamut responds:

glad you liked it man - and yes - abuse of this nature would seriously annoy people - so it should be used sparingly - or used in a situation that makes for focus on a shape of the overall song as a whole - sort of like a spaceship - with the beat being a glowing entity in the middle - surrounded by percussion witth a ring of bass around it for example.

Thanks for the review! Check out my newer stuff for more experimentation!


This is just great!

Man... If I had your genius for sound I would be extremely wealthy, then again most genius goes to waste. Edgar Allen Poe, H. P. Lovecraft, Einstein, to name a few whose work has either went to waste or caused massive destruction to the human race. Dude, I love this, I really want to see more experiments from you because this is brilliant. I even enjoyed your lecture which is so astoundingly profound that I can't help but read it again. This is just fantastic. I hope this isn't your only experiment into sound because I will be heart broken if it is. I wish I could jump into your mind and see the genius at work. From one sound lover to the other, keep up the work. I cannot wait to see your other projects. Ever check out a game called Beatarator? Its a musical studio in the palm of your hand. I suggest you try it out. God I love this loop. I pray to any and every God/Goddess that you extend it lol. Thank you for the tornado of awesome. I bow to your experiment and your genius. Keep up the work! You inspire us all. Holy shit text wall xD

Chronamut responds:


I like to keep my "genius" under wraps ;)

and don't worry - this is far from the only experiment I will ever made - I am a bit of a stereo field connoseur, so there are many things I want to attempt. This is actually not true stereo rotation - pictutreit liek an over in front of your field of vision - that's how the rotation goes. I've since entered the realm of binaural rotation - which actually pans AROUND your head - INSIDE your head. Fun stuff - check out my newer stuff to see it in action :)

And you don't need to get into my head - you simply need to understand how to manipulate the stereo field. Pitch up and down moves thesound up and down, panning moves it left and right - volume and low mid high alteration moves it forward and back - a combination of all 3 can place it anywhere .. in front of you. I am still not sure how binaural works but it works to place stuff in a BACK spectrum - so I now place all my bass by the back of your head, as well as any bassy effects - it actualyl works quite well. I still might use this methodfor small rotating objects in a confined space.

and that name sounds familiar - dunno if I've ever checked it out though. And yes I should extend it shouldn't I. One day.

also by the way the last rreview was rated and your was rated - people are complete and utter morons.

thanks for the review!



I don't understand your lecture in stereo. It's just a dodgy loop in my mind.

Chronamut responds:

There is more to it than what you simply hear. It's a lesson in how to use the stereo field. This isn't true rotation though - I've since perfected that :)

thanks for the review!


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