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Hello all,
Heres a new DnB piece i made, whilst experimenting with making my own snare samples. This ones my own.
It took me a week or so, and its not really for ng, so i doubt it will get a good score, but i thought i would upload it anyway.
Gonna get to work on a saw work piece next, real DnB :)
Hope you enjoy this one -

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not bad. Cool intro. Drums could back a bit more punch later in the track, the ambiance sort of washes them out. I like the atmosphere, though. Sounds a bit different from the normal stuff I filter through..


i neave heard something so hyponotysing its wonder full how it sounds. What type of music is this techno or something differnt

right on it

its amazeing with the spinning and images you can put in the head wih this song

Ah. Awesome.

Yet another artist who appreciates Liquid as much as I do :) Never conform to what's in the NG portal. ('cause we all know that Liquid goes beyond the levels of Darkstep and Hard DnB any day. [Not saying that I don't appreciate Darkstep / Hard DnB for what it is, I just prefer Liquid myself.] There's just something spiritually inspiring about Liquid...) Anyhow, enough of my ramblings. On to the song. From start to finished!

Very nice little crash you have at the intro there. The kicks are very quick to start things off, and at this point, I know where it's going. Basses are places very nicely in the mix and the patterns are awesome. That little mod you have there fits very well.

The strings/pads are put quite well in the background. And as it slides up and drops into your main verse, those little string plucks (I'm assuming pianos?) just take it to another world.

I must say that your kit is lacking a lot, in terms of punch and presence. (And I'd know. I've been making Liquid for quite a while.) The snare is quite full in your mid-low / mids, but there's no highs. You can add a bit to it so that it can stand out. Maybe filling out those highs with another snare would do it.

As for your kick... I can just barely make it out in the mix. It's that silent (Honestly). Filling out more of those lows will definitely add some presence. You've got your low-mids there, but you need a bass-drum attached to it so you can give it some extra thump when you kick releases.

Not much picky-ness on the hats, because I can make them out just fine. Although, just a bit of volume added to it can bring it out some more.

The other kit you have playing as it breaks down is very nice. Just what I'd expect when I listen to a breakdown: a minimalistic emulation of your first kit :)

Now, let's talk about those sliding basses (the one's that slide down). It does sort of get to me a little bit. It adds a lot to the track, but I think you can tone it down just a tiny bit. (Plus, adding some highs to them would help. They need a bit of colour.)

Interesting outro. I think it could have done without the sliding basses right there. (Or at least a replacement with a sliding sub-bass downward. I think that would have done it more justice.)

A very nicely made track. A bit lacking in your initial drum kit, so some beefing up would definitely give them more of a presence in your track. Those sliding basses could use with a bit of toning down, but not too much. (That or a replacement with a sub-bass sliding downward.) Your percussions in the background are well placed. So, no complaints about that. Besides these things, everything is in place, and it flows very nicely :) A great job. Keep it goin', yeah? I'll be lookin' out for you.


fergyanimated responds:

gah, i agree with everything you say there to do with the kits. My folder of samples is terrible, i dont have any good snares at all :(
But im with you, liquid is wicked :)


Thats awesome! Just what I was searching for! Can we use this for our trailer?

-The Aerocide team

fergyanimated responds:

yeah, use it for what you like! Send me the trailer when its finished first :)

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4.50 / 5.00

Jul 26, 2010
4:24 AM EDT
Drum N Bass
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4.4 MB
4 min 46 sec

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