A Land Far Away

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Epic win!!1

Please review/rate and comment! Thank you so much!


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medieval knights

This brings to mind the image of knights riding into combat. Epic

Why didn't I discover your songs sooner? O.o

Man, these are the type of songs that I really enjoy. A wonderful variety of dynamics, fantastic use of the samples, and some very nice melodies. This has a certain adventurous feel to it, definitely reminds me of soundtracks in films like Pirates of the Caribbean. I can't find many problems in it, and your Author's Comments really do it justice. It indeed is epic win.
Oh, and as a side note, I'm very sorry for taking so long to review this. I've had so much to do lately that it's become very hard to keep up with everything.

I'll split my review into a pros/cons layout.


- There's just so much to listen to in this track. There's no apparent main melody, yet it never starts feeling random. Each melody flows beautifully to the next, and all of the melodies sound excellent. The piece is so dynamic and varied that I can't help but listen to it again and again, hearing something new every time I listen to it.

- As I said, this track sounds so adventurous and at times mysterious. I can see this right at home in an adventure/fantasy film. Like Porkrock said, this sounds a lot like any typical film soundtrack, but I certainly don't have anything against that :D...

- The percussion fit very well. I expected the bass drum or timpani (not sure, I'm deaf from one ear and can't catch some sounds very well...) to be a little more powerful at times, but other than that, the percussion sounded great and complimented the melodies very nicely.

- An obvious advantage in this is that the instruments are excellent quality, but that's expected if you use East/West, right? xD. I use it too, but I can't get my sounds to be as realistic as this, so good job on that O.O.

- The transitions were all awesome (except one which I'll mention in the cons section). I especially liked the transition at 0:54 where the track seems to become more sinister and mysterious.

- By the way, the part at 0:54 was my favourite part. The choirs fit flawlessly here too.

- You started the song quite well too with the slowly rising percussion. Maybe a softer, longer intro building up to 0:02 might make it sound a bit more impressive and epic, but that's more of a suggestion than it is criticism.

- The ending is also very satisfying. A bit of a generic approach, but works perfectly. However, is it me or am I hearing the cymbal cut off too suddenly at the end? :S.


- The track at times has somewhat of an empty feel to it. This would fit perfectly as a background soundtrack to some sort of movie, but as a song on its own, it occasionally feels like it lacks depth, or at least in my opinion, especially at the beginning. Maybe some double bass playing some long chords in the background might fix this, I don't know...

- Remember that one transition I mentioned earlier? Well, the transition at 1:26 is what's bothering me a bit. The song sounds exactly like it's ended, and then it suddenly continues out of nowhere. I have no problem with you adding some silence in certain parts of the song, actually on the contrary, sometimes it makes the part following the silence sound even more epic, but I think that it didn't work as well as I would've liked it to at 1:26. The song seemingly ends, and then starts again, and for a second I thought a totally new song started. Might be just me.


I suppose the word 'outstanding' can sum this up quite nicely. I thoroughly enjoyed the track from beginning to end, and while it has two really small problems, this is definitely something that I won't get tired of listening to anytime soon.

Actually, it has quite a different style from Foresight. If I didn't know that you made both of them I would've thought that someone else made this track xD.

Anyway, keep up the amazing work. I must say that your songs are ridiculously underrated, thanks to 0-bombers :(. Great job on this, you're one hell of a talented artist! :D.
Fav'd as an artist.

-Review Request Club-

If it's not too much to ask, would you mind leaving a review on a song of mine?
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Tomppaah responds:

Oh my lord Steph :D Where do I even begin?

"your Author's Comments really do it justice"
Haha, I didn't really think I had to write anything other than that at the moment ;)
When I posted it I was so damned happy with it. I had been sitting for quite some time, just messing around in FL, when suddenly this came out.

"the bass drum or timpani"
It's a timpani :3

"you use East/West, right?"
Why yes indeed I do! The greatest VSTi I've worked with! Don't you think so too? ;)

Some things about your cons section. Yes, I constantly have the problem of not fleshing out my tracks. ;S A lot of them can sound empty at various points, and I hate myself for not being able to come up with anything I like for those parts. I'd rather leave it empty than put something there that I don't like. :3 Maybe that's wrong.

Now that you mention it, that transitioin at 1:26 does sound a tad awkward. ;) Maybe it shouldn't come back in so hard. A softer entry after the pause might have been better.. Hmm.. I'll have to take a look after I get my computer back ;)

Thank you so much for taking the time to write this monster of a review! :D
I would never have believed I'd get these awesome reviews when I posted in the RRC thread!

Yes, I agree.. Zero-bombers is fail.
But what can you expect? ;)

Definite potential!

It has a very typical sound, like something you'd expect from the fantasy/adventure genre. Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's pleasing to listen to, but just not quite unique. Definite potential!

Tomppaah responds:

Okay :) Thank you for your input!

thats so relaxying and so sea wovy

man this can be on like a pretite movie for wen the ships sailing off to battle man bite on the ship that has 84 conans lol

Tomppaah responds:

Thank you Lord Tony ;D


lol i dont very like this type of music but it's not bad...

Tomppaah responds:

Heh, thanks ;D

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