AF - Nightlife

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Edit: DOESNT ANYONE VOTE ON TRACKS ANYMORE? i mean for fuck sake you dont even need to have an account!

Almost finished! got borred this afternoon so i tryed making a song in 5 hours and this is what i got!
Hope you guys enjoy it! =D Please review! and comment

this song is a tribute to Mrmilkcarton =D



Love the transitions. Very smooth. Alot going on, but it all fits perfectly. Perfect use of effects. Everything sounds nicely organized. Great job AF. Keep it up. Hope to hear more like this one. Fav'd
5/5 10/10

Good, but one flaw.

There is a nice song with a solid kick drum and a good bassline, but the hihat sounds more like sandpaper on a chalkboard than it does an instrument. It's way too loud and hurts the ears. I know it's not just my headphones because I listened on three different pairs (one good pair, other two not so much). The song sounds great, but it's difficult for me to enjoy at any decent volume without hurting myself.
Just change this one thing and it would be fine.

aliaspharow responds:

hmm, that is strange. You might have a problem with your souncard of earphone plugin because i really dont see the problem here. Thanks for the feedback anyhow.

It had skills

I liked the boom at the beginning.Well it sounded dark but it slowly started to clean up.I couldn't really tell what kind of song it was cause it was all just mixed together.It sounded exactly the same for a minute then everything just finally stopped.

Then the part I liked disappeared but then came back.Then I like the way it stated sounding at 2:20 how it moved quite fast and that was really enjoyable.But then it went back to the same routine.

It really changed here it sounded dramatic and powerful but still had the beat going in the background.It had a nice beat going through the whole song.Then it switched back to what it did most of the song.And it finished with a great ending


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aliaspharow responds:

would like to start by saying thank you for your time in reviewing my song. But i am sorry to say that your review is pretty terrible. Not only are you reviewing my song ina timeline sort of way that makes no sence when talking about art and music but your review did not tell me anything about my song. You instead just told me what sections of the song you liked and what stoud out. Now i understand that i am being a little harsh and that you musnt be very experienced in reviewing music. But can you please just try to help the artist whos song it is your reviewing instead of just describing it so genericly. ^^

Very, very impressive.

Apart from the somewhat repetitive nature of the song, this is a really, really good track.

The intro was sudden, but not necessarily in a bad way. It sounded really good, and worked as a build-up to the main melody.

The whooshing sound that goes through the entire sound actually gets somewhat annoying after some time. It might be the hi-hat? I'm not sure what it is that makes the sound, but it got very repetitive.

Other than that, I have to say it wasn't really too generic or unoriginal, au contraire. Sure, it's not the most revolutionary thing I've heard, but considering the genre and what you went for, it's really good.

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aliaspharow responds:

Thanks allot! Yeah i did realise that there were allot of high pitched sounds, and i annoys me too. Il be sure to fix it once i have the opportunity.

Definitely epic.

Loving this. Not much to say, besides that I really like it. I don't see much room for improvement, honestly.
I will say the kick is almost drowned out by some of the sounds during the 3rd minute. But, I was still able to hear it, so I guess there is no actually problem there. XD

Anyway, Great job!

aliaspharow responds:

thanks man il be sure to check out your work once i get a chance =D

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