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Done in about 3 hours with the help of The-Hobo-Dude, who helped me on the drums and bass line, and who is currently working on some lyrics.

Gears used:
-Sibelius 1.4 (Composition)
-MIDI to MP3 Converter (Conversion)
-Cool Edit Pro 2.0 (Equalizing and editing)

Samuel Hébert



Kind of sounds like an 8-bit sounding song. However since it appears you used MIDI it still sounds good. Reminds me of a couple of the latter levels in Donkey Kong Country 2 which tended to annoy me heavily with those stupid kremlins, oh well. This turned out quite now.

Also on a side note it also makes me think of the Topolla theater in Earthbound as well, very nice nostagilic tune.

Review Request Club

camoshark responds:

Thanks for the review!

I'm glad that you liked it, even thought I don't know any of the songs you mentioned!

Samuel Hébert

browser quest uses this haha

camoshark responds:

I know, I learned this very recently and contacted them about it.

Thanks for pointing it out nonetheless! :)

Jazz MIDI Retro? I can't describe it.

At first, I was a bit confused by the song. The instrumentation was interesting, but not the most pleasing mix. I found the brass to be a little too noticeable; rather than being a compliment, it could come off as overbearing. However, something needs to carry the tune, so it got the job done.

The percussion was a high point. It kept the song going, and the mix of instruments lent itself to the composition quite nicely. I think I heard a woodblock, and if I did, it was an excellent choice.

My biggest complaint is that the song doesn't loop properly. When it plays over and over, there is an incredibly noticeable fall back to the beginning. I'm not sure what you can do about it, but it really kills the potential the song had for something to be listened to for minutes at a time. I still enjoyed listening to the loop, though.

Review Request Club

camoshark responds:

Thanks for the review!

-It's actually reggae, thought it may be hard to say because of the MIDI sounds...

-The brass don't seem too loud for me, then again maybe that's because I'm a brass player myself!

-You did indeed here some woodblock, nice ear!

-I know about the looping problems, I don't like it either, but I didn't want to chenge it or make it longer, so I left it so...

Thanks anyways, glad you still enjoyed though!

Samuel Hébert


It's okay, but overall not that moving in my opinion. The beginning sounds okay, I have no complaints about that at all really. It's when the horn comes in that it sounds almost a tad bit obnoxious. It just doesn't sound like a very pleasant kind of horn, it sounds like the kind of horn that makes me reach for the volume knob to turn it down, so in my opinion, I'd turn it down a tad. The background horn is fine to me.

It's an okay loop, it doesn't make much sense to me to loop the way it does, but I suppose it works alright. The instruments sound okay though...the poppy bass line sounds okay to me, as well as the mellow percussion, and the background horn - just the main blaring horn is a bit overkill to me. Sounds too alarming.

Overall not a bad little tune though, just nothing really special either.


camoshark responds:

Thanks for the review!

The piece wasn't meant to be moving anyways, it was supposed to simply be a track to listen to in the background.

As for the brass, I guess it's all a matter of percetion, as I quite enjoy them! (Also, it's two horns you're hearing, the sax and the trumpet.)

Glad you still liked it!

Samuel Hébert

Rather nice

The intro was okay, I mean, It was just there, It didn't do a whole lot for me, but being as it's a loop, It's perfectly fine, I just wish it would build into something.

The drums parts were perfectly fine, they were a little hard to hear, and to be completely honest, rather bland, but apart from that, they were completely fine, and did their job of keeping the song on pace and on track.

The bass wasn't really to my taste, It was rather clunky feeling, It sort of worked with this quality, but I feel changing the tone of the bass would make for a much smoother experience, and just make the song more pleasant as a whole.

The horn section could be better, It sounded incredibly synthesised, these parts are somewhat of a minefield, you have tot hink about the particular dynamics of the instrument you're trying to mimic, you wouldn't here a flute using barré chords, so don't play them as part of a midi piece (That was just an example) Not only that, I feel that section should have been longer somewhat.

As a loop, It works to a certaine xtent, you really need to fix the timings on it, so it loop properly.

~Review request club~

camoshark responds:

Thanks for the premature review!

I don't really want some hints about my audio (thought it's always nice), I'd rather here some comments about the song itself, its content and structure, and everything.

I actually like the bass, except for the synthy part. I feel that the popping in the sound helps define the note, as opposed to the other bass saound I was previously using.

Of course the horn section's sounds need work, but then again, they always need work, so I dont really mind...

Thanks again!

Samuel Hébert

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