§Zeth§ War of souls

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Inspirational Warfare music. Rate and Review! I always respond!

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another good one zeth

once again noce stuff amazing how i get bored shitless at the 1st sign of orchestra but somehow yours is differnt *all orchestra just sounds the same 2 me cept yours*

well keep up the good stuff and good luck with any new projects


Very good Zeth. Name's Zen. I review MaestrowSorrow's music. I'm sure you've heard of him. Anyway, this piece of yours is very good. It seems, however, to repeat a bit too much at the beginning. The brass and the flute standing out amist all the other instruments seems like the one person is doing something right in the battle. Keep up the good work...

another one...

Another great piece by a great author... so young, yet so good at my fave...

keep on the good work!!! you always were my favorite!

by the way try making it so it wont go fuzzy when it's loud ;), but if there was something better than 10 then i would use it :)

very good, but....

as chronamut said, "breathe some life into it". i think the only thing to make it better would be if you did some soft underlying pieces of harmony below the melody. i can feel it now: da da daaaaa da. da da daaaaa da da. deeedle deeedle daa da da da dedle-eedle dee dee da-dle dumdidumdidumdidumdi deedeeeedeedeeeedee. and such...

Good stuff here

Will i may not listen to it on CS :P i do enjoy just listening to it and also while playing WC3. So overall this isnt a bad song ;)

XGM-Zeth responds:

For similiar music, you might wanna check out MaestroSorrow, _Arbiter_, Smartpoetic and MilkMan_Dan.

Anyways, Thanks for feedback, as I always apprieciate it.