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I still got many things to do, finalize the mix and master, add some more interesting percs, maybe add some more melodies and sounds and make it sound more alive.

Tell me what you think, I did not spend a long time making this to be honest, maybe like 3 hours or so. I tried mixing trance and house stuff together, I still think it sounds rather trancy :P.

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all that needs to be said. this song is boss. i need to work on trance plucks, because the pluck in this song brings it all together. great song.

you gotta keep going with it, maybe fade it into a synth or pad based riff with a lot of body. find an epic chord progression and and then bring the beat and pluck back in over it and youl have an epic, deep bodied and vast blow your mind kind of piece in the middle and then fade it back into the calmer beat like in the intro. just ideas, tryin to picture it in my head.

very nicee

you've really captured a great trance mix here man.
i really enjoyed this
Dl and fave
~Dj Sonik


I love this. Has both trance and house mixed together although a bit short.

Also, that pluck that you used in the beginning, can you tell me how u made that sound?

- Which vst?
- Instrument?
- FX's used?


- XeroQ

KrisSumara responds:

That information is secret :P

meh more like a loop

Well it had a great start.As the seconds went by it got a little louder and faster.It stayed the same for 30 seconds but then it got good after that.

It sounded like music a super hero could play while he is rocketing through the sky.I could of sworn something like this was in music in motion.It stayed the same after that it was just like a little extra juice then it got back on its same routine.

I was very disappointed about the end.I thought is was going to have a great end but it was the EXACT same song.Just the ending it start to get quiter.

I would of called this a loop not a song.It was just the same thing repeating over and over and over again

rounded to 7)

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KrisSumara responds:

Thanks mate for the review! This is just the build up into the main part of the song. I am going to add some more melodies and try to keep it as simple as I can because that's what I was going for. Minimal house/trance, I would just go all out and add all types of wacky stuff in it but I will decide in time what to do with it.

Quite good

It's trance all right, but I can still hear those traces of house you tried to mix in.

It's a simple and okay track. It's not too special, it's somewhat unoriginal, but it still serves its purpose, making people get out on the dancefloor.

Seeing as it's so short, it's not really repetitive. However, if it were longer, it would eventually get quite repetitive. Yes, you switch up the melody somewhat, but the general structure of the song, and the rhythmic section, is pretty much the same. But, by switching up the melody, you avoid it getting boring.

The biggest problem I have is that it's so short. It seems almost unfinished. That, and it being somewhat unoriginal. If you could make a longer one, and try to mix even more house into it, it could potentially be a really good song.

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KrisSumara responds:

Thanks for the review mate! I tried making it as simple of a trance and house track as I can. I always experiment with the way I make stuff and here I made it as basic and I can. I could just add a house bass instead of a trance one, in time I will make up my mind and see where this song goes.

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Jul 21, 2010
7:07 PM EDT
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