Super Mario 64 Dire Dire Dock

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Super Mario 64 - Dire Dire Docks Remix
Uniqueness: 8/10
My rating: 9/10
Beats: 11/15

Overall: 28/35

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If you dont like the fast paced beat in the background, just request me for another version, im requesting up to 3 dire dire dock remakes! Maybe a slower beat in the background you might request... it can be anything, it can be an entire different remake all together. Maybe you might want it to be a quiet fast paced remix or loads in 1! Its entirely up to you!

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mariogamer2010 responds:

I made that midi years ago!
I've been making midis for over 6 years and I recently started newgrounds!

Here's an honest review from me :)

It's close to the source, but that's not really a problem, here.

The tones are pretty basic (midi-like), but they're used well enough. The drums are annoying, there (that hat, in particular, is far too loud & mechanical). Bring some life into the drums - change up the beat periodically and mess with the velocities to make it sound more realistic. The hats need to be toned down considerably too, obviously.

The EQ'd highs on the master track are very dominating and piercing. Tone that down, since it's creating quite a bit of fuzz on the high end, there.

Other than that, it's not too bad. Instrument quality, drums and EQ.

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mariogamer2010 responds:

Thanks for this honest review, more to come soon!


Reminds me of the good old dayss :D i just dont like the high hat over and over :/ do a remake.. the same song but with out the high hat.. Cause this was perfect 9/10 5/5

Pretty cool bro

Alright. Im gonna try to give as much constructive criticism as i can. First, as mentioned before, the flowing high hats get repetitive after a while. Try to listen to some breakbeat style music to get a feel for some nice fast paced drum loops/progressions. For the instruments, it sounds like you were trying to fit the original instruments as best as you could, which makes for a good replica, but maybe you should throw some other instruments at it to give it a even more personalized feel. Also, one of the major features of the original song was the heavy use of reeverb. In your version, your instruments all feel like they sound sharp ( not pitch wise, just how quickly they cut off ). I think that this detracts from the feel of the song. Also, it ends very abruptly without any hinting to it. It makes more of a better loop as it is right now.

Now for rating.

Uniqueness: 6 / 10
Honestly, it sounds like you could have taken a midi file of the original, threw some high hats into it, and tuned up the tempo. but thats not a bad thing, even if its not the case.

Beats: 4 / 10
Very repetative and consisting of a high hat, snare, and a very treble high kick drum.

Mastering Quality: 9 / 10
Nothing is clipping which is a very good thing. every thing is pretty much the same volume except the strings. Try to balance out what instruments you should hear more at what parts. Nice job though.

Flow: 10 / 10
Flows just as well as the original did. however, i would like to see a better ending XD

Analysis: 6 / 10
Overall in this song, I keep thinking to myself how treble high it is. Find a nice deep bass instrument to keep your rib cage pumping to the music. and also, find a good punchy bass drum and turn the volume up. thats the best way to have your fast-pace-ness stand out. So, more bass!!!

Overall: 35 / 50
8 / 10
5 / 5

Not a bad job by ANY means. However, I feel that you have plenty of room to work with and have a lot of room for improvement. So, please feel free to take any of my advice, but also, feel free to ignore it just the same. Because, in the end, all of this is just one opinion.

P.S. Congrats! you have earned the longest review that I have ever given!


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mariogamer2010 responds:

Thanks for awesome information!
I will try too take this into effect.

Anyway thanks for all this time and effort you put into the review! You win a hunk of rewards

You earn:
4 free requests for songs by me (SM64 AND PAPER MARIO FOR THE N64!!!)
Longest review reward on mario gamer type (LRR BY MG2010) You deserve it forever!
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It's pretty good.

There are only two problems I see, sort of related to each-other. When listening to this on full volume with headphones it was a bit too loud. This is an easy fix and can even be fixed by me just turning down my volume a bit.

The other is I feel that some instruments such as the drums were a bit too loud compared to the other instruments. In other words, individual instrument volume could be improved upon.

It's still a good song though.

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Jul 21, 2010
10:36 AM EDT
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