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[SP] ~ Satellite [OceanlabRmx]

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This is my 3rd remix of this song and they get better and better. This has to be the peak of my producing abilities. I absolutely love the original and can't get enough of it, I'll probably keep remixing this track in multiple genres for a long time, but for now I believe this is my best track ever. I have worked a month hard on it, every day, and I'm so happy with the result, finally I can say one of my tracks sounds like its straight out of a premium trance collection :p and that I am fully satisfied with it. I worked extremely hard on this song so PLEASE let me know what you have to say about it.

Enjoy, rate and review!!!

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Super Trance!!!! :D :D

Very good mix. Flows rather nicely


like it but may i have lyrics i like to know what songs say


The original is nothing short of a masterpiece but this song is like its long lost brother. Its epic but i can't compare the original with this remix. Very very well done. i shall favorite this. Keep it up bro. Also check out my ravers fantasy remix :P
10/10 5/5

Realy nice work!

Thing i really like flow in the song but igona be really honestly review.

Intro: is ok could of started abit more soft then just boom make it more dj friendly.
very nice structure on the intro it has nice sound quality.
Ithink you tok same idea as orginal song ican hear.

at 1,:23 its some filter issue there but its no big deal thought,
main break is really nice here.

now main lead comes in its nice arp work but ithink synth it self is to kinda Engertic iwould say test plucked melody that saw is kinda not match to the song for me.

+ try add some more add synth maybe backround piano or osmething or w/e.

ANyway in general of the track is nice but it could of been abit more intressting since there toons of remix of this track already that sounds very alike that you did no offense. Try explore the song abit could add some backround piano could make mainbreak abit longer try make it more epic.

Synth it self was way to hard for the song basic idident like that saw synth at all.
try plucked saw maybe or even plucked synth would make it even better i belive.

Ihave listen to many of ur track already and this song has improve ur abilitys abit and keep on working hard. Remeber hard work paysoff afterwile.


This has a ton of professional sounding instruments and effects! This is definitely one of your most outstanding pieces for sure. This even beats Man on the Run. Dude, this is so good I'm gonna try another of my long reviews :). You better respond >:o

Instruments first.

First of, the kick. It just sounds amazing with the mix. Sounds perfect for a trance piece. I'm lovin' it. Can't say much more about it. It's awesome.

The clap, well, there's a bit too much reverb on it imo, because every 3 claps there's a 2 clap change in beat (I hope you know what I mean, hard to explain O_o) and the 2 odd claps have less reverb on them, which makes it sound a bit weird.

The hat is alright, fits with the mix and doesn't wear out unless your listening to it only. Not much to say here.

The blips that go throughout are amazing. They just give that trancey feel that would have been much less without them.

The baseline that becomes apparent at 1:02 is very trancey as well. How did you make that? Is it an arp? Meh, sounds good.

The main arp's lead sounds great with the other instruments going on. The sound also fits nicely with the melody and vocals.

Enough of instruments, time for the parts :)

The intro is dead-on. BAM straight in your face; some professional sounding trance. Sounds great. The half-gated synth there had an amazing effect on the rest of the mix and filled the empty gap that would've been there.

The intro of the vocals is just great. The fade-in was great. Gave the vocals some depth and variety.

2:17 was superb. The pad sounds spectacular. The little melody with the soft lead at 2:17 also sounded like it had potential, too bad we didn't get to hear more of it.

The outro, well, I guess it could have been better, but everything else can compensate for that :).

Well, that's the end of another attempt at a long review :S. Hope you enjoy this review and stuff. Great work here, love to see more work from you like this. Good luck :)

Blizzaine responds:

Wow thanks a lot!

I do really like the kick as well, some people have told me it doesn't sound right for trance but I beg to differ :p

The bassline is just a sort of offbeat triplet with the middle note 1 octave higher than the rest.

2:17 is really cool, I worked for a while on that bassy pad, added some higher octave blips to make it interesting.

Thanks again for the awesome review :) Really lets me know what I did right and wrong and how my transitions were. It's kind of hard to judge your own transitions when you know whats coming up next :p

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4.90 / 5.00

Jul 19, 2010
4:20 AM EDT
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