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This actually should be a 4th WiP off it...
and its no longer the 'Harder trance' i where submitting earlier @ NG, more like Uplifting/Future trance.
but since these changes where so dramatically i just called it WiP again.

im also aware of the great quality this WiP got over the past few days.... 0_o
-what your hearing now is a lower quality since NG won't accept WAV. files of 57MB -.-
and since my weird converter is doing weird, it says this is 320kbps, well i think he's fooling me again...
but there will be a "far more better then this" HQ DL link in this discription when its finished!
so lets say, enjoy; review; vote :)
and maybe fav?

PS: does the breakdown need a piano besides the pad and violin?
a: Yes.
b: No.



piano... lets see...

nice, been a while since i checked your music... (and whenever i did i never left a review...)
so its time to review some stuff already i guess :)
also wanted to go through your unfinished stuff to see if i could spot something already that i could help you with by playing the piano

i love the melody and the the strength of this piece, the second half really brings out some nice emotions. the best thing is that all the parts really work fine together, thats really some fine accomplishment for a song like this
the only thing i truly mis in this is a bit calmer part, making a calm ending might be great idea for this

i am thinking about how a piano would fit in here and the only way i think it would fit is by having some low piano chords and some loose higher notes, though if you make a calm part in it there might be more options
i will think about it and maybe try something out for you
and about the violin... working with orchestral sounds can really bring the feelings alive, but you would need some practice and maybe some better sounding violin
the violin feels like a synth instead of a real instrument at the moment, which is a shame since strings do fit in here

Nice !

First time I hear a hard melody from you =P,
Most of your other songs are deep and trancy.
But this one just blasts of energy.

I also noticed a considerable change in quality.
Before the kick with the (btw amazing) bass in it the quality was like a videogame.
Not something bad though, just something I noticed.

Yes the melody was extremely cool. Thought my PC crashed at 00:28 though lol.
When you place a sound very short after each other, the volume increases for that time. You might want to lower the volume at that moment a little.

At 00:22 a violin pad comes in. But I disagree with your choise =P.
It doesn't really cope with the other instruments.
If I were you I would go for a warm multi layered trance pad to go with it.
You might to try that out.

Overall this song rocks !!, it makes you dance !!
Very fast paced, luf it <3


D-Chain responds:

lawl thanks :)

not the very very first time i made one..
its still not really my kind of trancy style to go with
and pops out once in a while and thats basically it..

i would call it a 'lagg of the deeper trance inspiration' ;)
any how, yet it could be the videogame thingy or just the qeird quality.. i shall look into it one of these days sooner or later and MAYBE fix it..
but as i said: it could also be my stupid converter -.-

yet i agree with your opinion about the volume at certain points, i might lower it.

and a do not really care about your disagree about the violin (A) if you dont mind tho...
i wanna use violins more often, try to make something beautyfull with it some day :)
which means: i need to 'practice' with the sound [sort of]

a warm multilayerd pad would be in its place indeed. maybe i might try to change it too.

and thanks for the compliments :) i really ippreciate your agree/disagree 's.

thanks ;)


This sounds really great man, nice work. Mostly, the quality reducement is not really hearable. And ill say: A. I pretty much always put piano in my songs and i just love it. So yeah: A.

Good work and cant wait for the full version!

PS. I also had that kidney thing. Dunno if its the same disease but i also went to the hostpital for 2 weeks.

Beterschap :)

D-Chain responds:

Wowzz, thanks man!
A it shall be then :)
and yea,... i have been 4 days in the hospital for my kidney problem...
they said ive got 'lucky' and should thank myself for my fast reflections [bc i where dying from the pain in my back, and called someone to bring me to the hospital just in time]

Bedankt man!


After two long weeks I´m back and its good to hear some nice trance again.

Dude, seriously, youre one of the best trance artist on this site I think.
every damn song you make is better than the other one before, how do you do that? are you a gawd damn wizard?!?

10/10 5/5 Fav download

oh yeah and I already got a new dubstep song xP go hear it when youre bored

D-Chain responds:

aight thanks man, and im not a gawd damn wizard xD
i just need to express my feelings with music.

i shall listen your new dubby :) would love to hear one again ^^
since im just back from the hospital...


Sounds pretty beast so far :D
ill save a full review for the finished version.

D-Chain responds:


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