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MD2010 - War Theme #2

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Author Comments

I speed-wrote this, it took me only 2 hours, but heck, here it is. After the first War Theme (http://www.newgrounds.co m/audio/listen/343739) got some good response, I decided to make a new one. This one has a similar intro - it starts softly, there's an epic buildup and it repeats the melody of the intro with guitars and rock drums. Still, from then on, the structure is totally different. The instrumentation in this is similar, but the guitars are rougher, there are more guitar effects, there are legato violins/violas, no brass, there's a piano and a different drumkit. So while it has its similarities to the first War Theme, it's quite different. This one's definitely more epic and powerful.

This uses the Sorohampler VST (same as in War Theme 1) for the guitar (thanks to sorohanro for making the VST), a Guitar FX soundfont for the effects, East/West Symphonic Orchestra for the piano, legato violins/violas, gong and double bass, SuperRiffGuitar layered on the Sorohampler guitar, Monster Staccatos for the Staccato strings, and random drum samples. Note that all of the stuff I used was freeware except East/West Symphonic Orchestra, so that proves that at least there are some decent VST's and soundfonts out there, even if they're hard to find :).

Nothing really inspired me to make this song this time. I just decided, 'hey, why not make another War Theme?' and quickly made one while another song of mine was exporting (but that song won't be submitted till much later and it'll be used in a flash game). I started out with piano, added double bass, then chose the drum samples. EQ'd them a bit to make them more powerful, and added a few other effects such as reverb and compression, and then when I did till 0:49 I exported it, thankfully it didn't take too long to export, and heard it. I kept it on loop while I paced around the room planning how to continue it, and then continued it and finished it. I grabbed the MP3 file of the finished version and layered a few guitar effects on top of it, and it was finally done. Yeah, I have a weird way of composing :3.

I'll be going abroad on Tuesday so I thought that I'll just leave something behind before going xD. So yeah, I hope you enjoy it, and don't forget to check out the first if you haven't already :D.

EDIT: Submitting this to the MadnessDay2010 competition. Wish me luck!



Once again, I am witness to music of epic proportions. This is just absolutely amazing. You're really starting to make me wish I was better. LOL.

Step responds:

Haha don't worry. Your music is awesome.

And I use East/West, so it's not a fair fight :P.

Thanks for the review!


hey havent spoken in a while and i need u a lot could u help

Step responds:

Sure, what do you need?

Good but

nothing can ever be better than the original :3 (unless the original of something is bad xD)
I think the speed made it seem less epic[er?] than the first, although the intro made a good use of it, (piano entrances are always great to me :] )
still love the percussion and strings :D

Step responds:

Thanks, glad you like it! I prefer the melodies in this one but I don't know how easy it'll be to beat the last one. I might make a collection of these War Themes.

Thanks for reviewing!

I finally got a chance to listen to this...

And it was well-worth the wait. Pretty dang good stuff here dude. Love the calm piano intro, then the buildup, then the epicly-awesome guitars... All I can say is... \m/ ^^ \m/ ...awesomeness! 5/5, 10/10, and faved.

PS: @the voters - Why is the current score (as of this review) only four? This is too awesome for just that!

Step responds:

Wow, thanks a lot man! I appreciate you came and reviewed this too.

Glad you liked it, yeah I wish the score would be higher but it's basically impossible with 0-bombers. At least I get great reviews like this to compensate :D. Thanks again for reviewing.

Im back :D

Ish. I was gonna review this right when you released it but I was on... dial up... D:

So I couldnt actually listen to it...

anehway >:D

1st of all I like the subtlety of the piano at the start, the contrast between the start and the rest is very stark and penetrating.
The Hi Hat to me feels fine... but I fail :D.

The guitar melodies are well put and the guitar's not to distorted.

What little transitions there is are well executed.. as always =_=\.

The end aswell is well crafted, and gives it a live feel xP.

Omg I really cant be bothered typing right now... or thinking...

I promise a better review next time.... hopefully.



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Step responds:

Whoa, just realised this doesn't have a response. I could've sworn I responded to this already...

Well, just to say that I'm glad you liked this one too. I'm thinking of making a War Theme 3 which will be more futuristic than the other two. It might be a remix of a particular track on Newgrounds, although these are just a few thoughts I had. I'm pretty busy right now so don't expect a song from me for a bit of a while.

Thanks for the review!

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4.35 / 5.00

Jul 18, 2010
8:58 AM EDT
General Rock
File Info
3.7 MB
1 min 37 sec

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