Fleeting Moments (Prog House)

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Made this during the during the summer. I havent submitted anything in a while, so heres a go at prog house,a depart from the usual. Sorry the mix is a little off. I'm away, so I mastered these from my headphones. Hope you enjoy.

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This is excellent.

This is an excellent mix, really cool and easy to listen to. Favorited.

PrEmoEffect responds:

Thank you!


this is an awsome song, smooth melody

PrEmoEffect responds:


im really glad that you showed me this

the melody in itself really pertains to the percussion because the fast synths that play under the long notes make the song rythmatically fantastic because in my opinion the percussion is kinda so so if it was just played by itself without those repetitive fast notes so i think the percussion is the only thing that stays simplistic in this piecealso for the ending effect it shouldve been like a meloncholy choir aaaaahh sound instead of a solo kicks and high hat at the end w/ a symbol crash because it just like u go thru the whole song just to kick the melody in the butt off to the corner over all this is a track that really caught my attention oh and my summer was really relaxin man took my mind off things and i think this song will do that too haha

PrEmoEffect responds:

I can see what you mean about the percs; I didn't see it like that before. As for the choir sounds, I wish I had some. I'll either get some samples, or find some synths, but yeah, the ending was a little too unfulfilling. I will try to work on that with my next track. Thanks for the feedback. Anyways, nice to hear that your summer was nice too. Keep in touch.

very relaxing

this is better than what is out on the streets now and days.

PrEmoEffect responds:

Thanks for the review. Hope your summer's been good.


Amazing start! Can't emphasize that enough. I am really impressed (and want to try this style now). at about the 1:30 transition, I wanted to hear a new element introduced. A vocal clip, a lead, something that would drive the song with a bit more melody. However, I was very happy at the 2:30ish transition with the pause. Very well done. The pad you used (beautiful btw) does feel a little Left heavy. would liked to have heard it pan over to the right every once and a while.

My second time through and I really noticed the vocally-owl (? ) effect that you used at the very start. I really love that and I would like to hear that (or something very similar with the same reverb) playing a sparse percussive role through the song OR the "oooooh" part of it played almost like a pad and sidechained (is sounding REALLY awesome in my head as I listen to what you have).

Sorry, I know that those are a lot of negatives, but there are TONS of positives. like I voted 5 for it, it's addictive and (very obviously) skillfully composed, it has a lot going on but manages not to sound cluttered AT ALL, I added it to my favorites (b/c I am comfortable saying that it has jumped into my top 10 of NGs songs), and it is just a few hairs short of being (in my personal opinion) a work of pure beauty and a perfect 10. Oh, and I downloaded it ^ u ^

In any case. THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this song. absolutely goregious and a true treat for the ears.

PrEmoEffect responds:

Thanks for the review. Actually, the negatives are what I need to improve, since it's more difficult to find negatives in your own music, unless you wait for a very very long time before listening to it again that is. I just started using Ableton (this is the first song), and its amazing. Once (if I have time) I can master the more advanced techniques possible with ableton (like vocal chopping), I will definately go there. Maybe, by the end of the year (senioritis :) ) I will get some MIDI controls so I can do more with automations, and make melodies more easilly.

I really like your idea about using the latter part of the owl sample for a pad effect. I might rework this and post it, but I can't do ANYTHING untill I can get some headphones (mine broke earlier, and its impossible to master anything with one ear).

This is by no means professional in production quality, but if you want to chat it out about some techniques, etc, feel free pm me. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Jul 17, 2010
2:27 PM EDT
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