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Your hero has risen

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made and recorded with logic express
I feel like this is my best track to date
Never really got around to adding more to the hook but sometimes less is more
Lemme know what you think

verse 1
I heard the vinal verdict and they cast me off as worthless
Judgin just above the surface but that defeats the purpose
you reek of weak your nervous
i seek to reap your courage
leavin you malnourished
image and sounds blurred
I sit atop the turret don't try to knock the current
think you in my spot you weren't leave your whole block burnin
I'm here to ease the burden, tis the season for the servin
squeezin vermins vocally f***in, lyrical perversion
while your rhymes are on the shelves collectin dust
mine instantly go into the bank of dopest bust
all your hope and love slowly fades to fate and hate
while faith and strength vanish
and all thats left is the just the shame
Its all the same dude get whipped with balls and chains
heres a tip take this bag of shit transplant it with your brains
your lack of game is bull hockey and manure
you could try to copy sure but all you'll cop are whores
Split your rhymes into fourths and use it as my mulch
im a never endin river bitch your a dried up gulch
squeeze the pulp, ficiton is all it is your spittin
close your f***in mouth spare the women and the children

your hero has risen there's zero unforgiven
confusin my synonyms for sinnin start swimmin in fresher water
in an attempt to bring it harder
my musics on fire to ignite it don't need a starter

verse 2
your hero has risen and theres zero unforgiven
on the path to narcissism narcoleptic f**Ks sleepin in
theyre weepin in their pain im seepin in
watch it creep their skin, my life begins unravelin like mocassins
oxygen depravation, cotton gin creation
grade school facts forgotten, and marijuana tastin
breakin a relation for 'in your dreams' lady chasin
chased it tasted laid it sprayed it, after two weeks i hate it
Heartbreakin, and heartbroken
lookin deeply into her eyes and catchin those lies she throwin
early thoughts in the morning not knowin where my life is goin
just flowin the motion, f*** all emotions
i notice evil notions takin my main focus
thinkin it'll stop my game then your the one who's bogus
let all your hatred swarm me like a million locus
that'll push me to the top "i bury these cockroaches"
beamer benz or bentley?
my f****in tank is empty
no i have no envy, im rappin in a frenzy
possession are a plenty
perhaps i have too many
possessions are a plenty
perhaps i have to many


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Wazz Cookin

seriously sick lyrcis ...
Realy realy Great Song... wish i could got on dis...

Is the comment below me

thinking about Mobb Deep? You kinda have the style of him in this song which you can never go wrong with.

Sounds familiar but..

Original. The style and beat reminds me of someone I have heard in the past, but I can't put the name with the face in my mind. It's very good. 10/10 - 5/5

ILL as fuck dawg

mos def

hook sounds off

but otherwise dope

JayWeed responds:

ahhh i def see what your sayin thanks for the review man!

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4.93 / 5.00

Jul 16, 2010
3:54 PM EDT
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