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Gavin A - That Sound

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Here's a song that took me two days to produce.
I believe this is my best song yet! I worked very hard on this, and I hope you enjoy it.

I made some 3D artwork for this too, here's the link to it.
http://www.newgrounds.com /art/view/zooloo75/that-s ound

Please leave votes, and reviews. I will respond!
Please listen to the whole song :)

Also, I had to lower the quality to 160kbps to have this on here under 8mb.

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Quite repetitive and somewhat unoriginal

It's not a bad song, it's not that, it could've been a great song if you shaved off two minutes.

I don't want you to think I simply punish you for making long songs. Long song doesn't especially mean bad, but it's very hard to create a long song that doesn't get repetitive, and sadly, this one does get repetitive rather soon.

For the first couple of minutes it's a pretty okay track, it's not really anything new, but it's a good track. After that, it just gets boring due to the highly repetitive nature of the track, and lack of variation. You could vary the bassline and melody on the last parts of the track, and the rhythms.

Also, it could do with some voices over it. Nothing big, but a sensual female voice would do good.

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It's too long. :(

I think that this song got quite boring after the first four minutes. Especially the 4-6:30 range as it was the same thing over and over and over and..., etc... The song is great other than that, but sadly it's a big enough detail that it really takes away from song and makes me bored as a listener. By the time I got finished listening to the song the parts that had impressed me and entertained me eventually left my memory leaving the song with this very boring impression.

Like I said though, other then the length it was a good song. It had a great sound to it with a lot of interesting and non-generic sound effects. The song was very upbeat and fun to listen to. In certain parts it almost seemed as I heard a womans voice very quietly in the song. I'm probably just hearing things, but I feel that a women's vocals here would make the song much better than it was already.

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Xorberax responds:

You are hearing things, but the frequencies and such do make it sound like there are voices in here.


I love that gated sweep synth in the beginning. Bass matched the mood pretty well. Nice effects. Arps have a nice melody. Drums are kinda like a house beat. I would put this under the house category. It's like a deep tech house. -KN


I agree with Rig on the stereo separation XD. Firstly, I'd say that this is too long, I'd probably have shortened it to about 3-4minutes. I liked the interesting harmonies you have throughout the song. There's a lot of assonance. The song progresses on without much of interest until about 1:19 when we get a whole bunch of bass all at once. I like how much stuff you put in there at once.
I sort of wish the drums were a little more audible. The chaotic breakdown at about 2:09 and the following interlude were nice and gentle. The assonance of the song kind of comes back to hurt it after you get tired of it. I was still interested at 3:07 because you added a completely different sound. It sounds sort of like a jumble until around 4:20 when you brought the main theme back. This is a nice touch. Going from mess - nonmess makes you like the nonmess parts better.
It gets chaotic again around 5:02.
Again, throughout the whole song the drums weren't very audible. Also, something I would fix, there's a high-pitched whining starting at around 5:39. The ending is okay, but I think there could be a more spectacular one.
I'd mostly say that this song sounds .... crowded. I'm more minimalistic, so that may just be me, but it sounds very ... thick. Not saying that that's a bad thing, it just gets a little heavy at the end. 7/10, pretty solid.


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Good work!

Good choice of sounds and good mixing. Everything shines through very well. The only things I'd change would be the stereo separation effect you have on a few arps and pads - they just seem to pop out TOO much from the mix, and distract from the rest of the song - and I'd make the sub bass more powerful.

But yeah, great job, keep it up!

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Jul 11, 2010
3:49 PM EDT
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