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Production: InGenius
Lyrics: InGenius
"Lux Aeterna" originally by Clint Mansell, completely recreated and containing no samples from any recording of the original track.

Verse 1:
I keep a fifth on strap,
On my back,
So crack jacked minds stay away from the attack.
It's soundin' like another wanna smother what my brother,
Done gave me, ("Save me Jesus,")
Gonna feed the Hater's A-B Bloodtype to my pits.
Let the dogs out, see a hater get ripped to bits.
Stripped the kit down to the bolt and then,
Cleaned out the barrel, the trigger and the firin' pin.
I'ma mad dog loose on the prowl with no muzzle,
Puzzle out my words while this 40 I guzzle,
Fight juice in me now,
A legend's rewritten,
Mythos of man made God, twice bitten.
Smitten with my pistol like a lover,
Danny Glover,
Never shove her around,
Love the 4 pound.
Lil mama, she down,
To get this battle off the ground!
And how do you boys wanna proceed with me now?

You just can't win!
This is your end!
Eternal light!
I bring this end!

(Breathe in,
Breathe out,
Breathe in,
Breathe out.)

Verse 2:
Call me Randy Orton, it's Legends I've been killin',
Been Illin' since Kill Billin' this tiny lil villain.
Riviera mountains got too high for they own good,
They own hood wanna splatter the Blood of they own dude.
Mighty how they Al fall,
Gangsta how they all balled,
Blood spills in waterfalls,
Scrawled on gravestones,
"My word and My balls", (Broken!)
Token tick tock time trickles,
And sickles slice serenity's shape to shreds,
Like ice rapes the heads,
And crack Jakes to feds,
And stacks track back to big Reds.
Snitchin' to ya police don't scare the OG's,
They know these Bromies can "solvent" they fuckin' Holies.
It's a record gone, acid dawn,
Run me wrong, get the gong,
Time's up, chop ya bed,
Drop, ya dead,
Say another word and it's off witcha head.
I'ma make it real plain in this last line,
Drop a dime and I'll make ya faggot ass rewind.

True story: Bromic Acid is a very strong mineral acid used in many industrial applications, as well as an amazingly strong solvent.


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What in the shit?

I was sure I had reviewed this one, listened to it when it first came out. Loved it. Keep up

yo man this is sick

just wanted to say that this is dope as fuck man...i must say that i didnt really know who you were until i slipped past nimbus's page and heard 2g's..omg then i was like yo this dude is ill...but i wanted to like get to know you no homo cuz bill and wyze etc. say they talk to you but i aint get to yet...plus your probably the only one that can accurately give me pointers on what to get for production....but i dig this shit man and mos def i downloaded it lol....

loved it man!

one the beat was dope as fuck!

the spit was smooth dude! reminds me how much you really bring it!
nice singing dude, and i got to say productiong work is mind blowing

haha give me some EQ tips bro i need some. I DLed this, tracks sick

InGenius responds:

If the instrument is meant to be at the high end, cut the low and vice versa, that's really all it's about. Then don't forget when you're doing final mix and pre-master/Master work, hit the channels with tailored 6-10 band EQ with mostly notch cuts or very small notch boosts to bring out a certain key freq for an instrument. Like vocals, cut alot of the boomy lows out of the average voice (doesn't work with lower toned vocals like Mr. What It Do's) and give a boost to the presence end, ie. 2.5-4.5kHz and above. Every instrument needs to sit at a certain spot by EQ, as well as a certain spot in the panning of the mix.

That's the biggest change I've made over the years is not being afraid to pan support instruments out to 45-75% left or right and keep the most important instruments from 25% right to 25% left, making sure the vocals, drums and bass sit close to center and are fairly unobstructed by other instruments. Also, to make certain vocal layers pop (in this track, the mains), I double record them and pan 100% right and 100% left, while the adlibs sit at the center at a lowered volume. It's all about panning and notching.


Nice singing brother

Good quality production too. You don't only emulate the original piece but you provide alot of your own emotion into the production. Very professional. 10 out of 10

- P.

InGenius responds:

Thanks, appreciate that. Since I've been doing alot more R'n'B work lately, I've been coaching some of the acts on holding their notes longer and I was challenged to show them up on a track, so here was my answer to the challenge. No auto-tune/Melodyne on this one at all either, we only use Melodyne in the studio for the shakier solo acts if at all possible, so I refuse to tune myself if I can help it.


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Jul 8, 2010
3:52 PM EDT
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