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Journeys... it really was a long journey... but here it is... my first audio track. The percussion loop gives an idea of a journey... maybe full of action!!

I created this short song, by first building the percussion loop from scratch. I created the percussion loops, and no ready made loops were used here. Then I started to introduce some orchestra instruments, and at the end some guitars. Some singers were also added...

Reverb was used on the singer's track, whilst additional compression on the percussion track had to be done.

I hope you enjoy this 1 minute track... and pls do comment and rate... since this is my first audio track I uploaded... Thx




Yeah, for your first track this is really impressive. I don't see how it fits with the name since this is more of a chase scene than a journey, but it has some clear epic elements in it, has a lot of tension and sounds a lot like something that would play during a jungle run of some sort. The only thing that needs a bit more work would be the transitions, although that's perfectly normal for your first track uploaded to Newgrounds. So far it sounds excellent!

There aren't many melodies here since most of the instruments contribute to the suspenseful atmosphere rather than creating a melody, so I'll comment more on the atmosphere, and I must say that I was very impressed. You had occasional high-pitched string notes, pan flute (?) notes, percussion hits and glissandos which evoked an atmosphere full of tension and anxiety. I also started really enjoyed it towards the end, since it really picked up with some epic staccato string hits accompanied by powerful percussion. The only thing I'd ask for over here would be more background depth. At times the song felt a bit 'empty' if you get what I mean. Maybe a double bass or something in the background would help. Perhaps it's just me though...

The instruments you used were amazing quality. I mean, wow, where did you get such amazing sounds? :P. In all seriousness, the instruments sounded excellent and the instrument choice was very good. You had a mixture of orchestral and tribal sounds throughout which worked very well and made this sound really epic and thrilling. Having said that, like SmallArmsMusic, I think that the singer is a bit out of place along with everything else, or maybe that's just because of the abrupt transition before it. I definitely like the sound of the singers, but I feel that in the place of the song that you put it in, it stands out too much and sounds a bit weird.

The transitions are probably the largest flaw of this track. Some transitions sound peculiar or abrupt such as the one at the beginning (0:06). The strings start the song up well, but then the transition to the staccato strings sounds a bit weird. Also, the transition at 0:34 is very abrupt. Finally, I think 0:51 could have had a more powerful crescendo before it to emphasize that the song is about to become more epic. Still, some other transitions sound very good, especially a lot of percussion transitions. Good work.

The structure is a lot like other short songs. Soft at the beginning and towards the end it picks up and does an epic ending. I don't really have much to say about the structure, good job on it I suppose. The variety was great since you always had a new section which kept the listener on his toes, particularly the epic section at the end which caught me by surprise. The intro was very good, a nice suspenseful way to start the song, and I liked the ending a lot too. The final hit was very loud and powerful, and I don't really think there's anything I can suggest which might improve the ending.

The percussion was amazing. It played an important role in the song, adding to the tension at the beginning and the powerful part at the end. The percussion samples were fantastic, and the drums overall fit very well with the song. The only thing I might suggest would be to turn the volume of the conga at 0:44 down, since such a high volume makes it sound abrupt as if it came out of nowhere if you get what I mean. Besides that small nitpick, percussion was spot-on!

Overall I was extremely impressed after hearing this. For your first submission to Newgrounds, this is really awesome. Full of tension and power, and while I think it doesn't fit with the name much, it actually sounds really professional and at this rate you'll be among the best composers of this genre on Newgrounds in no time. The only defects that it has in my opinion would be the weird singer, the abrupt/strange transitions, the loud conga and obviously the length. Keep up the great work, and I hope you make something longer next time. Hope you enjoyed my first review on your song too :3.

-Review Request Club-

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rcvtk responds:

Oh thx steph a lot for your detailed and honest review. I completely agree with you, with all the defects you mentioned. Maybe next time I will post a more electronic track, combining orchestra, percussion, electronic instruments and GOOD singers, in the RIGHT place. Thx...



The singing really isn't up to par with the rest of the music. Some filters might help, but I think it has a long way to go.

rcvtk responds:

First of all thx for your comment. I do not completely agree with you about the singer, although yes, it might sound a bit strange...


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