FF7 Battle Ant Mix

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This one took me along time to do. I was aiming for my reegular hip hop and now adding rock kinda to it lol. Anything with me and guitars never get along. I tried some new effects and sounds on this one also a lil turntable effect. Hope all enjoy this one especially the second breakdown. Leave comments please and thanks for the support!!!

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The majority of the song is excellent! I have two complaints, though:

1) The start-up (while certainly unique) is a bit weak, IMO. When you're working out or showing off your music collection to your friends, nothing kills it like a slow start-up. Still, this isn't as big a problem as #2.

2) What's up with 1:20? The slow-down makes the song feel inconsistent. Either keep the song in the style of 0:17 to 1:20, or keep it in the style of 1:20 to end. Don't mix and match them. Consistency is god in music.

That aside, very nicely done!

Anthouse21 responds:

Thanks i will keep that in mind.

As you can see..

I used it in 2 of my games, so! it's obviously worthy!

Love that theme! FF7 is really epic, you should do a "Heartless AngeL"


At the start it was eh like ssj said, but it got really good about the 0:16 mark

The beginning didn't hook me right away.

But after the beginning, I really started to like it. With my injured neck, I was tempted to bob my head to it, but I didn't in fear of not being able to get my head back up again!

Pretty awesome

Once it finally gets started. At first, I thought, is this all the song is? Then finally it starts 16 seconds in. Not that it's that bad, but beware, some Newgrounders will zero bomb and leave if it takes to long to get started with the really epic part. Also, the beginning is just awful if you ask me. It then suddenly gets epic, but for those first 15 seconds, my cursor is hovering over the "My ears are bleeding a little" number 1. I waited of course, and had it taken way too long, like 30 seconds plus, I'd probably fast forward just to be sure I wasn't missing anything, so I wouldn't actually have voted bad unless the whole song was like that, but man, you best be careful, or people will 0/0 you. See there's this thing called ADHD, which, when combined with the power of the internet, reduces a persons attention span to 10 seconds, so if you don't catch them fast, you won't catch them at all, and you'll get hurt (or rather your score will). Wow, I spent WAY longer than I intended on that one criticism. Actually, aside from that, the song is epic and full of win, so no other complaints.

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Jul 1, 2010
11:49 PM EDT
Video Game
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